3 Reasons Why Every Team Needs Online Training Development Software

Welcome to Lessonly’s two-part series about online training development software! Our first post shares three reasons why we believe growing teams need online training development software. Then, we’ll highlight four ways online training development software keeps teams innovative and helps them Do Better Work. Let’s take a look! 

Learning is essential to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced world. Leaders must keep their teams up-to-date with the best practices in their industry to set themselves apart from other companies. While you can make traditional training lessons with some default programs on your computer, these methods often require a lot of time and cause unnecessary stress. This is why online training solutions have become crucial assets in every leader’s toolbox. These resources help leaders make professional training content without any guesswork.

Check out these three reasons why your team needs online training system software.

Save Money and Time

The right online learning for employees should maximize your time and budget. Who wants to spend hours reviewing the ins and outs of a new program, struggle to use it, and then still be forced to pay a premium? Lessonly’s online training development software can save you both money and time. Here’s how:

  • The ease of set up means you have more time making learning resources, not figuring out how to use Lessonly.
  • Our software uses a seamless visually-charged style that allows you to drag and drop elements like text, documents, images, videos, and quizzes. This provides a turbo-charged learning experience and easy lesson building!
  • We create a learner-first approach that is mobile-friendly and allows learning to happen anytime and anywhere.

Putting your training classes online makes it easy for busy employees to find the time to learn. No longer are they restricted to stay overtime for an in-person training session. Now, they can use this e learning software to access learning on demand. Providing online employee training and development for your employees has never been more accessible.

Improve Performance and Productivity

We’ve all heard the statement, “Practice makes perfect.” The more your team knows about their profession, the better they will perform. Lessonly’s employee training management software equips teams to raise the bar with comprehensive learning tools and practice scenarios so employees can rehearse their skills. Depending on your field, you may want to rehearse different types of client interactions through training videos. If your team needs to learn how to use new software, you can post screen recordings to show them the exact sequence of required actions.

Additionally, trainers and managers can review their team’s practice submissions and give clear feedback to help them grow. This is also a great way to create on-demand learning for individuals who need extra support based on their practice prompts. These specific actions will fine-tune the team’s knowledge and performance as it gives everyone the ability to learn at the pace that’s right for them.

Engage and Retain Employees

While training videos and manuals are indeed useful tools, interactive computer based training takes employee engagement to the next level. Instead of passively absorbing information, teams can complete quizzes, practice client pitches, work on demos for emails and ticket handling, and chat demo practice. Adding this element of learner participation can help team members become aware of their strengths and weaknesses. By also giving direct feedback, managers and trainers can further sharpen self-awareness and give them an opportunity to grow. When employees become confident and more proficient at what they do, companies are likely to higher rates of retention.

Do Better Work with Lessonly’s Online Training Development Software

Lessonly is powerfully simple training software that helps teams learn, practice, and perform like never before. Sales and customer service teams across the world use Lessonly to get team members up to speed, develop skills, and stay on the same page. Watch this short demo to learn more about Lessonly today.

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