The Benefits of Training Tracking Software: 5 User-Friendly Features to Look For

Ready to learn about training tracking software? Follow along with this three-part series to learn about 5 essential, user-friendly features, why real-time insights are essential (and how they work), and the benefits of a scalable training solution. Have any questions or thoughts? Drop us a line!

Choosing and implementing new technology can be a daunting task. From researching key features and functionality to understanding how it can integrate with an existing tech stack, there are plenty of boxes to check and items to review.

As overwhelming as new software can be, it can also yield plenty of benefits. This is especially true when companies replace manual and time-consuming tasks or responsibilities with a solution that saves time and increases productivity. For example, when companies track important information, such as their employee training programs, with long spreadsheets and clunky Excel files, critical training records and data can get lost. Instead, rapidly growing teams should turn to training tracking software that will enhance the value of their insights and help them Do Better Work.

With so many options available, how can leaders and training managers make a good purchasing decision? While every business is different and needs software for unique employee training tracking tasks that range from document control to management and tracking, here are 5 features that everyone should look for to ensure that training software is truly user-friendly.

Quick, online access

Leaders need information at their fingertips. Whether they’re sitting at a desk or at a meeting with company executives, tracking software should be accessible at any time from anywhere. When it’s time to choose the right solution, look for software that’s cloud-based and offers both mobile and desktop functionality. Teams can also take this functionality to the next level with software that provides different variations of access to every employee. This gives companies the ability to grant full or limited functionality to everyone from supervisors and managers to new employees.

Intuitive reporting dashboards

Understanding data and reports shouldn’t be a science experiment. Because software is supposed to make things easier, look for a technology that delivers reports on training in a clean and simple manner. It’s also helpful to consider the different types of reports that users can generate. Some popular options include information on trained employees, completed training data, training quiz scores, and learner satisfaction. These reports highlight important training activities so leaders can easily see all of their training insights in one convenient location. That means they spend more time drilling into data to make important decisions instead of building and deciphering reports.

Real-time information

Business moves quickly, which means teams need up-to-date information at any given moment. Instead of setting up recurring time blocks to update training logs from last month, the best employee training management software works in real time. This enables leaders to quickly assign training to new employees, update training requirements, and even update training material almost instantly.

Seamless data extraction

All too often, training managers need to share training results and reports with other members of their team. Using tracking software that provides comprehensive data available for download, it’s extremely easy to share information and keep everyone up-to-date. Leaders can also download key qualitative metrics that they can deep dive into the number and determine what changes they really need to make for success.

Powerful integrations

Chances are the newly implemented tracking software will be joining a robust tech stack. When researching functionality, consider looking for a system that provides an open API. This will make it easier to harness the power of existing programs and integrate tracking software with other everyday tools.

Better data means better business decisions. Powerful training tracking software that includes these five features can help save valuable time and energy for entire companies. By organizing data into a single system that’s user-friendly, teams will easily be able to connect the dots between their training efforts and productivity.

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