Keep it Real-time: A Critical but Overlooked Aspect of a Training Management Software

Are you considering a new training management software? Or looking to improve your current one? In this three-part series, we’ll share why the best training programs are web-based, real-time, and optimized for international use. Let’s get to it!

Real-time information is so critically important in our lives. Advancements in technology have made us all immeasurably more efficient, and it’s ingrained in almost everything we do.

Think about it. At any point in time, we can see the status of that package we ordered and expected delivery time. Facebook helps to remind us and deliver that timely birthday message.  Concerned about making that appointment on time? Technology can provide up-to-the-minute updates on traffic patterns or optimized directions. Heck, I can even see what my two-year-old son is eating for a snack at daycare—right as it’s happening!

These are just a few examples of how real-time information impacts our lives. No longer considered a luxury, real-time data has become the norm–and certainly the EXPECTATION—for consumers.

At Lessonly, we talk to companies of all shapes and sizes every day about the importance of training. Universally, there is agreement that effective training is vital to achieving any business objective. Whether it’s onboarding, continuous learning, or in-the-moment questions—the impact of training on business outcomes, especially for frontline teams, is undeniable. However, we consistently see one element missing from any training program—the existence and application of real-time information!

Why is this the case? Surely, the answer isn’t a simple one. Here are the most common reasons, based on our experience:

Companies struggle to keep up with the rate of technology-driven change

The one constant in today’s world is change. To succeed, companies are required to continually evolve. While products or services are often at the forefront of change; internal process changes, team changes, and market changes all play a role.

More than ever, companies are facing challenges with providing continuous functional job training in real or near real-time.

Outdated tools & processes for creating training content & delivery

Historically, the process for creating training content has favored fidelity over speed. This approach lends to a timeline of weeks or even months before the information can be consumed by learners.

Readily-accessible tools like PowerPoint, PDF’s, or (gasp) paper copies of training material offer a seemingly cost-effective method for delivering content but no real-time insights into how and when the content is consumed.

Information lives in silos

Most companies have a technology stack consisting of some combination of HRIS, CRM, customer support ticketing, and often many others.  Commonly, training exists on its own.

The ability to truly analyze the effectiveness of any specific training on business impact requires collating data from multiple locations. Traditionally, this has been a manual, time-intensive effort (and requires an Excel guru no less!).

What can real-time information mean for your training program?

As you might’ve guessed by now, the Lessonly web-based platform offers real-time visibility into all of the information surrounding you training program. Whether you’re consuming, managing, or creating training content; the benefits of real-time information are abundant.

Let’s take a look from each of these perspectives:

The learner

Having real-time access to practical, tactical training information is paramount. Bersin by Deloitte describes the modern learner as “untethered, on-demand, collaborative, and empowered.”  The ability to access training information from anywhere (even from your phone!) allows for self-paced training and the ability to revisit specific content in the moment of need.

Frontline, customer-facing employees can especially benefit from the ability to locate an answer quickly & easily.  Not only will service levels improve, but case studies show that the happiness of a rep is directly impacted by performance.

The ability for a learner to ask questions while training or to provide real-time feedback promotes collaboration and will ultimately lead to improved learning content—and so the cycle of continuous improvement continues on!

The manager

Most managers are keenly interested in how training fits into and impacts the day-to-day responsibilities for your team. Real-time information is the only way to monitor key KPI’s and to make proactive, data-driven decisions.

First things first, real-time information creates accountability within a team that training is being completed within an expected timeline.

A critical aspect of most corporate training programs is to understand information retention through the use of knowledge assessments.  Leveraging real-time visibility into knowledge retention, managers can quickly identify strengths & weaknesses of a team or individual—and drive appropriate actions. Downstream, marrying business outcomes (think CSAT, NPS, Closed Deals, etc.) to training data in real-time is another powerful tool for managers to drive the right training strategy.

The creator

More than ever before, real-time information is supporting training content optimization.  Through mechanisms like immediate feedback/questions from learners and the results of knowledge assessments, content creators can quickly update content and disseminate accordingly.

Visibility into what content learners are searching for can also help to answer questions surrounding what is resonating, what isn’t, or what content is simply missing.

What now?

There are a number of considerations when thinking about how your training program can take your business to the next level.

At Lessonly, we employ the Better Work Training Method; a continuous process for training optimization with 6 simple steps: Assess, Plan, Build, Learn, Practice, Perform.

Regardless of what sits on top of the training priority list for you, I have one simple suggestion: Keep it real-time.

Do Better Work with Lessonly’s training management software

Lessonly is powerfully simple training software that helps teams learn, practice, and perform like never before. Teams across the world use Lessonly to build effective onboarding and ongoing training that fuels success. Learn more, and demo Lessonly today.

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