My Onboarding Experience: Why Onboarding Software Matters

We love a great onboarding process.  While ongoing training is important too, there’s something special about the first few days on the job. In this series about onboarding software, we’ll hear about why onboarding is important for employee and team success. Just click here to jump to Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

The first few days at a new job are both exciting and nerve-wracking. They can also be tedious, as new employees may spend several days completing paperwork and reviewing policies with a member of the human resources team, then several more days or even weeks clicking through onboarding modules or attending in-person training. They’re bombarded with details on the company before they even know where the office kitchen is and are at the mercy of everyone else’s busy schedules.

In prior roles, I have been on both sides of this type of onboarding experience, as a new hire and as a manager. As a new hire, it meant relying on thick binders and my own hastily-scribbled notes for key information. As a manager, onboarding a new employee often meant scrambling to throw together some resources and, ultimately, longer ramp times for my new team members. Later, they would mention something that would have been useful to have earlier in the process, and I’d have to hold an impromptu training session and try to remember to include that information for the next new person.

I recently joined Lessonly, and the onboarding process is like nothing I’ve ever seen. I was able to sign my contract, submit my background check information, and get my new email account set up completely on my own through user-friendly platforms. A week before I started, a Lessonly account login was sent to me with a link to Lessons to complete prior to my first day. Before stepping foot in the building, I knew what to wear, where to put my lunch, and what to expect about the company culture.

In the first few weeks, my manager assigned me a steady flow of lessons and learning paths that have taught me about the company, my team, and my role. One of my favorites is a series of “About Me” lessons created by each employee, which has made it easy to get to know the team and strike up conversations.

Some of the assigned lessons have included video practice, which has allowed me to work on my talk track for different types of calls, receive feedback, and continue to practice before being assigned my first customer. When I need a refresher on something I learned earlier, whether it’s a policy or a talking point, I can easily search in my learning library to find a lesson to jog my memory. This resource cuts down on back-and-forth with my manager and allows us to use our one-on-ones for bigger questions and topics. It’s a win-win for my manager and for me.

I often reflect on how helpful it would have been in past roles to have Lessonly for my own onboarding and for onboarding new employees. I am grateful to have it now. It has put me in the driver’s seat of my own experience, empowered with an arsenal of resources and opportunities to practice, grow, and Do Better Work.

Do Better Work with Lessonly’s onboarding software

Lessonly is powerfully simple training software that helps teams learn, practice, and perform like never before. Teams across the world use Lessonly to build effective onboarding and ongoing training that fuels success. Learn more, and demo Lessonly today.

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