3 Ways Your Online Courses and eLearning Software Can be More Interactive

This three-part series is all about maximizing your business’ elearning software. In Part 1, we’ll chat about online courses, in Part 2 we’ll discuss the downfalls of powerpoints, and then we’ll conclude in Part 3 by talking more holistically about learning solutions. It’s time for better elearning—let’s get to it!

Engaged employees are the difference between good workplaces and great companies—but there are different types of engagement. One area where otherwise great organizations often underperform is providing quality learning content to their team members. For companies looking to both improve bottom-line productivity and company culture, investing in creating interactive and engaging online courses is time well spent. But how do you go about making elearning courses that truly move the needle? Here are three ways to infuse interactive elements into your online courses.

Learn from your learners

Who says that learning has to be a one-way street? I’ve heard that the best leaders are also the best listeners—and a great way to kick-off an elearning project is to listen to the learners. Building short quizzes and surveys for the express purpose of polling your learners to see what they appreciate the most in their learning content can be incredibly insightful. These end-users are interacting with the online courses the most, so they definitely have a good sense for what works and what doesn’t. Obviously “let’s get rid of our online courses entirely,” isn’t a productive answer, but more often than not you’ll find some anecdotes that really shed some light on ways that you can better build future elearning courses.

Another way to “listen” to your learners is to simply pay attention to your learning management systems’ gradebook. Overtime, these numbers build a surprisingly articulate storyline of where learners are struggling and where they are excelling. If certain key online courses are consistently getting lower test scores than you’d like, maybe another lesson is needed before that quiz to help employees study-up. Consider your team’s test scores as a live pulse of their journey through your learning content.

Create interactive learning experiences

Another great way to reinforce the interactive nature of online courses is to create entire experiences around the elearning course. For example, spend a few dollars out of the HR budget and buy a fun trinket from the local dollar store—something that looks gaudy would fit the bill perfectly. Now, make an award out of your new trinket, giving it to the person that got the highest score on the latest elearning course. It can be a little fun and a little silly, but that’s the point. Creating interactive experiences around the idea of online courses and learning can counter the perception that learning is a chore or is boring. All you have to do is think a little outside of the box!

Use every tool you can

A modern elearning software is never just a tool for learners to input answers into and spit out results. The best learning management systems in the elearning industry have a wealth of different tools and features to encourage and empower teams to do their best work, and it’s up to trainers and managers to use those features in ways to make learning as interactive as possible. Take for instance Lessonly’s Practice functionality, which transforms online courses into interactive sessions that give learners the power to not only learn, but then put that learning to good use.

The best learning platforms will come with built-in quizzing, testing, and assessment tools that trainers should use whenever possible. The only thing worse than sitting through an extensive online course is for it to not count for anything at the end. Simple assessments not only help managers and leaders know that their teams are progressing, but it also serves as a small ego boost for the learners. Getting results back that say they’ve scored better on their assessment than they did last time can do wonders for a teammate’s mood—and their engagement in the workplace.

Lessonly is a modern eLearning software

The most successful online courses are as interactive as possible to encourage and empower learners to be their best selves. Ready to see what an online course can really be? Learn more, and get a demo today.

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