Maximize your LMS Platform through Blended Learning

The rise of technology has produced a paradigm shift in every industry and the world of training and development is no exception. Online learning with an LMS platform has made learning more accessible and user-friendly. Even better, today’s most advanced platforms have features that extend beyond core functionality for a better experience. In this blog series, we’ll take a look at how a company can use learning objectives, blended learning, and a great user interface to maximize their learning software and Do Better Work. Enjoy!

If you were anything like the 15-year old version of myself, you dreaded the thought of waking up, brushing your teeth, grabbing a pop-tart, walking to the bus stop, and entering the high school doors before your 1st-period environmental science class.

Fast forward through those high school years to the present day—do you still look at learning the same way? Do you see it as an exciting challenge, or do you absolutely dread it?

According to Kern Ferry, the number one reason individuals switched jobs in 2018 was due to their desires for a new challenge. Those challenges included opportunities for advancement and development along with greater autonomy.

It seems the corporate world has caught on, with every job board or description highlighting “career development and advancement” — even more so than earning potential.

So, what’s changed?

For one, the way we learned in high school is no the same way we look at learning programs today. As the consumer, we demand the exact course content we want at the exact moment we want it. Gone are the days where we dread walking into that early morning environmental science class because a) it was 7:45 AM and b) we hated science.

Through the years, the customer has evolved and who demands an excellent experience. And, the world of learning has finally caught on. The learner is now the customer and the learning experience isn’t considered a dreaded requirement but instead, it’s a perk.

Most companies have embraced Learning Managment Systems (LMS’s) which are learning platforms with friendly user interfaces. These solutions enable employees to access online course content when and where they need it. But outside of initial training, how do we ensure employees truly receive the learning and development they need to advance in their careers?

While the LMS has revolutionized the way we learn, have we gone too far from traditional learning methods where the instructor teaches the student? After all, we still remember our favorite teacher — shout out to Ms. Abel!

The solution

A simple search for “blended learning” in Google will result in, quite literally, a thousand different results. But at its core, blended learning is the combination of in-person and web-based learning that aims to give control to the student. With blended learning, leaders have the ability to design courses and content that takes the very best qualities of traditional in-person learning methods and combine them with the best qualities of online learning to ensure employees receive the development they need to not only advance but thrive upon.

The value of hands-on teaching isn’t diminished with blended learning. In fact, with proper use of the LMS, it can be enhanced. Instructors can effectively focus on the elements of the course that are best provided in a classroom or 1:1 environment while providing access to relevant online content that enables the learner to efficiently develop their skills on a schedule and path that is best suited for them.

By combining the very best elements of traditional teaching and online learning, blended learning has a fantastic opportunity to be one of the primary reasons employees have the opportunity to reach their development and advancement goals. By using an LMS platform with blended learning, teams can deliver a training program that any student would set their alarm for.

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