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Excessive Stress is Destroying Your Company Culture

Every job comes with its own stress. Excessive stress, however, is the enemy of the healthy workplace. We don’t just mean healthy productivity, but physical employee health. At the turn of the century, a seminal study by the CDC found that more than 40% of workers felt their job was “very or extremely stressful.” The report also revealed that health care expenditures skyrocket nearly 50% greater for highly-stressed workers.

Consistent stress at work leads to headaches, sleep disturbances, short tempers, and difficulty concentrating. And the metrics for stress have only continued to rise—costing companies and their teams’ productivity, money, and happiness. But don’t panic, a few simple steps can help reduce excessive workplace stress.

A low-stress company culture is possible

Most people remember times when an excessive workload and conflicting expectations caused them significant angst. Hopefully that uneasiness didn’t last long, because when those feelings become the norm, chronic stress begins and positive employee engagement plummets. Recently in the Harvard Business Review, world-renowned marketing strategy consultant and branding expert Dorie Clark shared some small things people can do to reduce stress in their office. Her list included:

1. Stop being vague

Eliminate the ambiguity from your conversations. Don’t send an employee the looming phrase “we need to talk.” Rather, provide context and clarity to eliminate unnecessary worry.

2. Triage your responses

The average professional receives 122 emails per day. Prioritize and reply to messages that are time-sensitive or essential to co-workers. This will keep teams from being stuck waiting for a response, and from frustration.

3. Stop watching the kettle boil

Give employees autonomy and trust, and don’t look over their shoulders. Micromanaging with overly-frequent check-ins creates fear and debilitating pressure, not results. Set regular check-in intervals, then free people to do the work!

This is where learning software like Lessonly proves indispensable. By building a library of important company knowledge, and making it available to employees, teams are empowered to access information as they need it and can be more autonomous. At Lessonly, we believe that workplace stress is best managed when it is anticipated. And hundreds of companies around the world use our team learning software to communicate essential information, skills, and expectations to their employees before they are overwhelmed. This clarity enables teams and individual employees to do their best work.

That’s why more than 66% of Lessonly customers say that their employees are more confident after using our platform.

Lessonly helps mitigate office stress

Innovative organizations use Lessonly to encourage healthy and productive behaviors which lead to low-stress environments and better company cultures. Take the next step towards a great work culture with a self-guided, five-step tour of Lessonly. Sign up today.

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