Growing Teams Drive Productivity with Data

Growing Teams Drive Productivity with Data

Doing more—and better—work is critical to healthy and growing businesses, but smart leaders don’t just sit back and expect growth to happen. Forward-thinking leaders use data to map, maximize, and measure their team’s growth effectively—and sustainably. Our newest ebook, Driving Productivity with Data: How Growing Teams Learn, was created for any team leader looking to maximize their team.

Transforming learning into measurable growth

Realizing a concrete return on employee learning and training is difficult without the right tools and planning. Driving Productivity with Data: How Growing Teams Learn takes a look at how Lessonly helps growing teams:

  • Map a path to productivity. A true path to productivity needs to have a destination in mind. Identify measureable changes and develop a plan to reach, and exceed, your productivity goals.
  • Maximize the path to productivity. Better learning experiences create more engaged employees that do better work. Maximize your team’s productivity by paying particular attention to the accessibility, applicability, and aesthetic of their experience.
  • Measure the path of productivity. Explore and define key measurements, and make adjustments accordingly to drive greater productivity. These measurements should reveal details, trends, and patterns, and clarify gaps between productive and unproductive employees.

The hallmark of productive teams is not only the speed of their work, but the quality of it as well. Start improving both of these measures by downloading Driving Productivity with Data: How Growing Teams Learn and guiding your team toward a more productive path. Get started today.

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