Easy Access? It's Essential.

Easy Access? It’s Essential.

Learning content is most effective when teams can easily access that knowledge in their moments of need. We believe such access is core to the success of modern companies, and we’ve designed Lessonly accordingly.

For example, the way your Learners browse can impact the learning content they see, and when they see it. Access also means your team’s work knowledge is available on-demand via Lessonly’s search engine, or in context, via Lessonly’s Google Chrome Extension.

The Lessonly Learning Library acts like Google for your team’s learning content. It’s on-demand, available 24/7, and sortable by role, department, or subject. And when your Learners need content about top competitors, or have a question about the vacation policy, Lessonly is there to help. Managers and leaders don’t have to take time out of their day to answer these types of questions. And over time, the entire team spends less time looking for answers, and more time doing great work.

Beyond the core Lessonly software, we believe that accessible learning is also embedded where Learners need it, and our growing list of integrations puts that learning where your team already spends their time. Lessonly for Salesforce brings your learning content into Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. And the Lessonly Slack integration brings Lessonly search—and results—right into Slack.

This kind of easy access makes learning content even more relevant and helpful. And when knowledge is available when and where your employees need it, they feel their development is both valuable and valued.

Easy access is just one of the many things that makes Lessonly great. To read more reasons why Lessonly is built for modern team learning, download our Ebook, 5 Things You Need to Know About Lessonly.

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