Learners First. Always.

Learners First. Always.

There’s no denying that training has picked up a negative stigma. In many people’s experience, it’s been focused on compliance learning—which tends to feel somewhere between suspicious and patronizing.

But modern learning software, like Lessonly, is all about functional learning that’s focused on improving each team member’s productivity through the sharing and reinforcement of:

  • Best practices
  • Subject matter expertise
  • Trusted techniques

With modern learning software, teams document, distribute, and measure the practical “how we do X and Y” work knowledge they need to do better work.

This is what we call productivity learning; the Lessons and material directly boost an employee’s ability to do their job. Often, this type of learning is best sourced from the people in the trenches who do that work every day. For example, your top-performing sales reps likely know how to best sell your products or services. And who knows what your customers want better than the customer support managers who speak to them every day?

Your team members have specific expertise, and modern learning software enables them to share that knowledge. World-class companies champion continuous improvement, and modern learning software should empower that idea, not impede it.

In short, when training is relevant and helpful, it ceases to feel like training and begins to feel like a friend helping your team get better. It reduces stress, creates better results, and gives your employees confidence. Every feature we create passes through the filter of improving the Learner experience, from lesson design to the ways Learners access Lessonly. It’s our first value, and it always will be.

Learner-first focus is just one of the many things that makes Lessonly great. To read more reasons why Lessonly is built for modern team learning, download our Ebook, 5 Things You Need to Know About Lessonly.

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