3 Signs your Employee Training Plan Needs a Serious Update

Running a business is a complicated matter. Every day each of your employees makes dozens of decisions that could radically impact the company. Of all the activities that are key to success, resource management is one of the most important. For many modern organizations, the most critical resource are their employees. That’s why an employee training plan is the best way an organization can maximize that living resource. You may be telling yourself that you already have an employee training plan. But let me ask you this? How old is that plan? When was the last time you really took a good look at it? Chances are, it’s been a while.

Here are a few reasons to renovate your plan.

The nature of the employee development plan template has changed

There once was a time when employee training was considered a one-time process that just included employee onboarding. The idea was for human resources and operations managers to decide what knowledge and skills employees needed to complete their tasks. Then, they would develop a comprehensive training program to prepare employees to succeed.

That process has evolved. Now we realize that employees do not come to the new job with the exact same personality and background. For example, an employee with an extensive history in customer service may not need the standard month-long series of training on serving clients. If that same employee requires more time to master software than others, the wasted time could lead to the premature end of their tenure.

A modern development plan example provides a basic amount of identical training for all employees but then adds an individual employee training plan template based on current skillsets, job tasks, and team needs. This template is then adapted to provide custom development tools for each team member.

Staff development plans need to consider future potential

Ask anyone who has hired and new employee, and they’ll likely tell you that the resume and interview processes do not perfectly predict a new employee’s success. There are a number of characteristics, such as long-term people skills and adaptability, that must be observed over time. In addition, many employees find passion in unpredictable areas of their work tasks. Because of these dynamics, development plans must be regularly updated over the life of the employee’s tenure to encourage growth. 

As part of an employee’s yearly review, for example, a manager may alter an individual’s training program to hone their leadership abilities. An employee struggling to keep up with their caseload may receive a new training track that helps them improve their time management skills. In each case, managers should create a customized improvement plan to help every team member reach their full potential.

Staff development plans should predict the future

A development plan is about more than just preparing an employee to succeed in their current job. The purpose includes developing the kind of staff resources the organization will need to succeed in the future. That requires an ongoing commitment to evaluating the future landscape and understanding what each employee can contribute. A sample training plan template for employees is also a way for an organization to strategize the process of adapting to future conditions.

Thirty years ago customer service primarily featured face to face communication. As personal computers and proprietary software became common, it became almost impossible to land a customer service position without technical skills. Organizations that operated during that transition had to find a way to adapt their current client services staff to utilize the new technologies.

Modern organizations face similar challenges. From the Internet of Things to the boom of multi-platform apps, today’s companies must correctly predict the industry trends. The staff training and development plan template is one of the best tools to match the people you have today with the human resources you will need tomorrow.

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