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Whether a company has five employees or 500, managers tasked with creating a training plan can feel the weight of responsibility and uncertainty. Anyone building a training plan needs to address topics, methods, and audience. To relieve some pressure placed on these training managers, Lessonly has produced The Training Plan Playbook.

To track all the moving parts when creating a training plan, the Playbook comes with an accompanying Worksheet that trainers can fill out as they work through the plan. This spreadsheet tracks employee roles, training goals, and plenty more, making the creation process an interactive one:

Our approach to reduce this anxiety is to ask questions. Each of the following sections will teach you which questions to ask and in what order. At the end, your training plan will at least be in a draft stage and hopefully your stress will be greatly reduced.

The Training Plan Playbook discusses every area that a complete training plan needs in-depth. Using information pulled from hundreds of groups and thousands of Lessons, the Playbook offers guidance on some of a training plan’s more difficult questions:

  1. Who are you training?
  2. What are the goals of your training?
  3. What actions will achieve the goal?
  4. What knowledge is required for those actions?
  5. When should each lesson be learned?
  6. How will you deliver each lesson?

The final section of the Playbook ensures that any learning managers can track any learning stemming from the new training plan. By defining different quantitative and qualitative metrics, program owners what’s working in the plan and make adjustments for the inefficiencies.

Each topic includes a deep dive that discusses best practices, definitions, and sample numbers pulled from Lessonly’s software. These real-world examples from Lessonly customers provide context about what topics they train most often and how effective they are.

Interested in using Lessonly alongside The Training Plan Playbook to create your new training plan? Take a tour today.

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