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Lessonly’s Definitive Guide to Democratized Learning

Have you ever had a colleague or manager ask for your opinion, only to do nothing with it? Many employees can attest to experiencing this in their job at some point, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Crowdsourcing and democratizing learning provides a proven and viable way to engage employees—and their experienced perspectives. Sound good but don’t know where to start?

Enter Lessonly’s Definitive Guide to Democratized Learning. This ebook lays out an easy-to-follow, six-step process that teams can implement to harness the information that individual employees already have and turn it into useful training material. Why is democratizing company knowledge important? Here’s why:

Because democratization occurs within an organization, both the company and the employees reap rewards from the ideas you source and put into action. When applied to learning, you’re engaging those employees who work every day with your customers, product, and processes. By collecting their working knowledge and qualifying it into best practices, you can disseminate it to their coworkers and new employees.

The benefits of building user-generated content have become more clear in recent years, “Not only is UGC easier to trust and understand, but it also gives people a chance to learn directly from others’ shared experiences.” Formalized training plans will always have a place, but democratizing learning via employees can really fill in the gaps. Who knows what information is critical more than the people who use it most frequently?

Managers often find coordination and logistics the hardest parts of democratizing their team learning. Our ebook walks teams through a step-by-step process which defines the planning and effort they need to be successful:

  1. Plan
  2. Communicate
  3. Monitor
  4. Source
  5. Evaluate
  6. Implement

We explain each step with examples that point to real-world democratized efforts—from Wikipedia, Gusto, and even the Super Bowl. If it all seems like too much to coordinate, we offer suggestions on how Lessonly can make democratization easier.

Ready to start harnessing the knowledge of your team? Download the Definitive Guide to Democratized Learning and start planning today. If you need some help keeping track of everything, sign up to take a self-guided tour.

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