Why Mobile is the Future of Learning Software 3

Why Mobile is the Future of Learning Software

In 2016, eMarketer projects that more than 31 million Americans will access the internet through a mobile device only. So the learning industry can no longer solely rely on learners to sit down with a mouse and keyboard to complete training.

Smarter Design and Distribution

The smartphone may have started the rise of mobile browsing, but work doesn’t stop with handheld screen sizes. Learning content needs to take a page from the responsive revolution that websites went through. Creating learning content that adapts to any screen is crucial to make learning accessible to as many people as possible.
Why Mobile is the Future of Learning Software
Poor design choices inhibit learning on any device, but users feel them much more deeply on mobile. Put in the effort to adapt to mobile devices now, and your learners with thank you long-term.

Content Must Be Solid

In his discussion about the state of mobile learning, John Traxler points out that employees who bring their own devices to work also bring their own services and connectivity. If you expect learners to use your learning software, making it mobile-friendly isn’t enough. Learning content should be good enough for learners to want to engage on their device.

Why Mobile is the Future of Learning Software 3

Formatting archaic learning content like the above image to fit into a newer learning system that cooperates with mobile doesn’t cut it. Companies that provide learners engaging and worthwhile learning content expect to see the learners go out of their way to complete those lessons outside of the office.

A Mobile-First Mindset

When choosing a new learning software, you shouldn’t consider mobile as a feature or upsell. The best learning software comes from people who anticipate the need for mobile accessibility and have built their application accordingly. Software options that don’t do this reveal their faults as more learners demand mobile support.

Why Mobile is the Future of Learning Software 3

We put mobile at the forefront when we designed Lessonly. We wanted to create software that learners asked for by name because of its usability, appearance, and capability to help them do their job better, easier, and faster. Building an application that works as well on mobile devices as it does on a desktop provides our customers with the best possible experience and longevity. Lessonly can grow and travel with your team wherever it goes.

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