Cost of Creating Elearning

The Cost of Creating eLearning

Chapman Alliance research tells us that companies can spend upward of $10,000 for the time to create just one usable hour of eLearning content. A learning automation system like Lessonly can drastically reduce this unit cost.

Learning Software Can Prove Inefficient

Constructing content in traditional learning software often proves an inefficient use of valuable time. Authoring tools are often separate from the software itself, and the time you spend storyboarding, writing, editing, developing, and testing a learning module can add up in a hurry.

In the Chapman Alliance survey, nearly 250 learning creators reported that they took almost 45 hours to create an eLearning lesson before the authoring and programming stage. That’s nearly $5,800 spent before even building out the lesson’s content. Make the lesson any longer, or more complex, and that number will grow.

The time needed to create a single, usable hour of eLearning content can cost companies upwards of $10,000.

Saving Time and Money

What makes Lessonly so easy to use is the ability for companies to capture, share, and measure employee learning, all in one place. Hear it from our client, Glenn Elliot with Reward Gateway who says, “Lessonly is easy and simple to use. It’s got a great interface that makes creating courses as quick as possible.” Our intuitive tools reduce the time you spend creating a lesson down to days, not weeks.

Lessonly clients like ModCloth tell us they save 4 hours of their administrator’s work per employee using our software. Keeping lessons updated is just as easy. Once the admin adds new information, every learner’s version of that lesson updates automatically.

So at all times, everyone stays on the same page, literally.

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