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Popular Learning Management Systems Save Time

For most businesses, the idea of training employees is not a hard sell. In a perfect world, there would be plenty of time in the day to accomplish all the regular work tasks while also finding time for professional development. The reality is, online training and elearning takes time to plan, create, and distribute.

When research shows that older software systems require an average of over 13 hours of authoring and programming for one hour of finished content, investing in a modern, more popular LMS (learning management systems) becomes the smart decision. These older LMS platforms are still around today, but are noticeably less efficient due to the required team of creators, writers, and developers needed to create a lesson. Creation time that could be better spent actually managing your company. Picking the best learning management system depending on company fit can save hundreds of hours over the course of a training plan.

Lengthy development for minimal return

The truth is that authoring and programming is only one section in the creation of elearning. With the wrong learning management system, the entire process can get lengthy. Including planning, writing, development, and testing time, research from Chapman Alliance shows that on average, creating a lesson that engages a learner for a single hour, takes 79 hours of production to complete.

Assuming an eight hour workday, that’s ten full business days before your company has a single hour of learning content. And that’s just the average. Depending on the complexity, the number of production hours can balloon to 125 for every hour of usable learning content. During your learning management system comparison of various LMS platforms, it’s important to see which systems can cut down this number. Lessonly was built with the learner in mind, and we also push ourselves to create software that is easy to use by admins.

Don’t forget the tracking

A quick glance at the top 10 learning management systems will show that information tracking is hugely important with content creation. Today’s technology gives admins the ability to track which lessons are being completed and which ones employees are having trouble with.

When a single usable hour of elearning takes an average of 79 hours to create, it’s important to be able to focus on what is most important and impactful. Learning management system vendors know that time is a precious resource and those who produce the best software products make it easy for their clients to create lessons quickly.

Lessonly offers a streamlined experience

Creating visually engaging, helpful, and trackable lessons within Lessonly is as easy as writing an email. Combining our easy to use authoring tools with a learner-focused assigning and tracking system means that an entire training lesson can be built in under an hour. Build more lessons and combine them into courses, and within one work day, you can have a fully-built elearning program that you can assign to your employees. Producing quality elearning and training content has never been easier.

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