The Simplest SaaS New Employee Onboarding Checklist

Now that you’ve shown off your culture, perks, and workspace, applications are pouring into the inbox. After you’ve interviewed what feels like enough candidates to rival the Spartan army, you’ve assembled the perfect class. Every director had a draft with the best full-time hires, contractors, and interns and you’re ready to start onboarding. Now, what? How do you maintain your culture without losing your cool in a set of modules? Woof. Even just the word “modules” is boring. Here are some ideas to help your company keep its culture while creating a new employee onboarding checklist:

Start Small

Starting an onboarding program from scratch can seem overwhelming. Granted, you probably aren’t starting from scratch. Every manager or director may have a few things they want every new employee in their department to hit, but it may just not be concrete. Managing onboarding plans without a solidified process is great if it’s just a few things and you have a perfect memory. I, unfortunately, do not.

Start by finding a new employee onboarding checklist that you like, the process becomes immensely simpler. You can pick what you want your employees to know about or see around the office, and if you have easy lessons you want them to learn, you can consider sending out a few for optional review even before their first day.

Work Together

Remember earlier how I mentioned every manager having an idea of how onboarding should work. If that’s the case, that’s great! Working together helps SaaS companies maintain what makes them so great in the first place: their culture. The culmination of everyone’s ideas ensures that your employees get the best overall experience while working their way through your onboarding plan.

Spice It Up

After you’ve built out everything you want your learners to cover, send it over to your creative learning department and let them run wild. Adding a few relevant GIFs to every slide in a course is a great way to keep a positive attitude and associate a different laugh with each lesson. Staying positive and happy throughout your onboarding and ongoing training ensures that your employees smile every time that assignment email hits their inbox.

Maintaining your company culture throughout training shouldn’t be difficult whether you are doing in-person or remote training. Your employees should feel right at home in the office no matter if they’re taking their lesson on the plane, train, or automobile. When you keep your training mobile, friendly, and effective get ready for your new employees to hit the floor with bigger smiles, higher success, and expect to keep them around for longer.

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