When Should You Upgrade Your Staff Training Software?

When Should You Upgrade Your Staff Training Software?

It’s difficult to run a company well without proper training — your employees need it. For some businesses, training new hires and existing employees doesn’t need to change much from when the company was started. But, theoretically, when do you know if your cat has grown too big for its training box? Hopefully, you’ll know long before you grow too large for your training system, but here are a few signs that you might need a bigger box.

Your Training Doesn’t Work for Remote Employees

The workplace is changing, it has been changing for more than a few years now. Technology has advanced to the point where employees can accomplish a lot of things away from the office. This doesn’t make training those employees any easier though. In fact, it often makes it more difficult to retain training knowledge. Anyone with a Facebook or Twitter account could probably confess to being distracted when they were supposed to be working. By making your staff’s training software something they enjoy doing, everyone wins. If your business allows working remotely, it might be time to invest in online training software to keep production high.

With a software application like Lessonly, managers and administrators can consolidate existing training and create new topics that can be sent out to these remote employees for study. In an effort to cut down on annoying emails and phone call check-ins to see if your assigned lessons have been finished, Lessonly features course tracking. Admins can see how far employees have gotten in their lesson, assign due dates with automatic reminders, and get feedback on how they did within each lesson.

Your Employee Turnover is High

Properly training employees, whether they’ve been around for years or were just hired, is the biggest influence on how long they can and will stay at a business. If someone isn’t brought up to speed on what to sell or how to sell it, they’re left with two choices. They can either guess, which is dangerous for their employment and your business, or they can bite the bullet and ask their manager — every time they forget. Either way, the situation costs money and time because they weren’t onboarded to the point that they needed.

The best of these online courses allows for tracking to see how these employees are doing with your company’s training materials. To ensure knowledge retention and consistency across all your remote employees, Lessonly allows learners to go back as many times as they need to and understand the information. We believe if the learner isn’t comfortable with the training, their practical use of that information is going to fade pretty quickly. By giving them a set of original lessons, that they can refer back to whenever they need it, you can encourage learning at their pace to accomplish everyone’s goals.

Your Company is Growing Quickly

If you foresee aggressive growth in your company, or it’s already happening, bringing in some staff training software should be a consideration. Consolidating your employee training software in one place before it becomes a problem will make the growth process much more smooth. Think of the time that could be saved by putting the learning back in the learner’s hands with online training. Using Lessonly, managers can sign off on training courses and upload them so that new hires can draw their information from the same place. This new crop of employees will have access to the same information as your seasoned team members and can get up to speed with your company’s new direction.

If these problems sound familiar, it might be time to try out a software like Lessonly.

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