Switching to Training Management Software

Preparing to Switch Your Team to Training Management Software

If your team or company is adopting a training management software for the first time, it might not be wise to expect song and dance to break out when you announce it to your employees. If presented in the wrong context, training management can seem like a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be that way with modern training software.

Make it transparent

It’s the nature of the environment, but employees tend to think something is up when presented with a meeting about training management software. When it’s finally time to switch, it’s just as important to give your employees an honest answer as to why the change in plans.

If you invested in a training management software because you missed a sales goal, that’s not always cause for employee concern. Implementing an employee training software means that you’re making an investment in your employees. Make sure to understand their concerns, but assure them that the learning software is put in place to help everyone meet their goals so the company can continue to grow and provide for its employees.

Make it familiar

Moving to an online training software doesn’t mean your company is suddenly radically different than it was before. Sure, a learning management system would make sense if a business was experiencing growth and looking to continue that trend as revenue grows, but these systems can be introduced outside of that situation as well. The effort to create a learning process within a company doesn’t mean that things have suddenly changed. When implemented correctly, lessons, learning, and training feel more like an extension of the existing values and beliefs.

The lessons and training courses that go into this training software should feel like they come from the same company. If you have a certain way that you sign-off in your emails or a company motto that everyone says, include them in your lessons. Building the training into the fabric of your company can pay dividends in the future, but you don’t have to start over. That’s one of the features we love about Lessonly; the ability to consolidate existing training documents, give them a touch-up, and make them look consistent. Any gaps that you may have in your lessons or training can easily be filled, and made to feel like a part of a larger learning software system.

Make it fun

Even if it’s presented in the right way, there are few people who genuinely get excited when they hear, “Alright, we’ve got some new training software for you guys to learn!” That being said, it doesn’t have to be a chore.

Create onboarding lessons to get new hires up to speed around the office. Learning software boils down to a few simple points: make it fun and engaging at the same time, and you’ll go a long way toward making an impression on your employees. This impression will also help ensure the lessons and training actually stick.

Yes, even at Lessonly we take a few training courses here and there, but we try and keep it fun. Every slide of our lessons have animated GIFs at the top. To make information easier to remember, we tend to keep our slides short for quick reading. These are just a few ways we keep things light for our learners, even on some of our more important topics.

Feel ready to make the switch? Get your feet wet by taking a tour of Lessonly.

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