Are You Using or Considering the Best Learning Management System?

Considering getting a Learning Management System? Or maybe you are sick of your outdated traditional LMS. Whatever your reason, it is important to research the different types of LMS vendors you are looking for.

Conducting a learning management system comparison can take some time, but worry not. We’ve developed a list of some of the most important questions you can ask LMS vendors to see what company best meets your needs.

Does it improve productivity?

Look for an LMS that will make your company more productive. If the LMS is going to add more difficulty, why would you want to use it? See if the LMS you are looking into will give you a free trial to get an in-depth analysis of what the software is like. Make sure that it actually makes learning easier!

Is the system learner-friendly?

If the LMS you adopt is difficult to use, chances are your employees will be less likely to use the LMS to its full potential. Make sure the system is easy to navigate from a users perspective.

Can the LMS be accessed on multiple systems?

Chances are your employees are not all sitting in front of a desktop or laptop all day at work. Make sure that the LMS is mobile and tablet friendly. Being able to work on multiple systems will be convenient for your employees to access information while on the go.

Are there analytical features that the LMS has to offer to evaluate the learning experience?

To see how the learning is adding value to your company, it needs to be measured. Find an LMS with analytical tools to measure how well your employees are retaining information.

Does this LMS contain collaborative and knowledge sharing features?

Find out if multiple administrators are allowed to edit your content. Inquire about how easy from the administrative side it is to upload the content. Learn how well team members are able to collaborate on the LMS.

Can it be integrated with your organization’s existing systems and tools?

See what systems the LMS will work with the existing organizational systems and tools that your company already uses. Learn how well it is compatible.

Does it benefit the company, employees, business partners, and customers? Make sure that the LMS is a benefit to all groups of people. A software that is easy for administration may not be easy for learners to use. Vice versa administrators do not want something that takes them hours to make easy to use for learners. A top-of-the-line social LMS is one of the best investments your organization can make. Take time to research for a full-featured learning system that will support your company’s goals and vision.

Better yet, we will even let you save your time. Want a learning platform that can answer yes to all these questions? Well, we have one for you! Take a tour of Lessonly today here!

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