Getting Excited for a Corporate LMS

The corporate world is a desired destination for some and a feared reality for others. Either way, both parties might find it difficult to get excited about a corporate LMS. The first question would be along the lines of “What is an LMS?” After learning the definition of a learning management system, your learners might not be upset. That is until they see the application. The dream of trainers, learning and development specialists and managers of generating excitement through a corporate LMS can be a reality.

Growing with specialization

Specialization is how corporations develop. When a company grows, everyone eventually finds their puzzle piece and forms the big picture together as separate parts. As employment grows, puzzle pieces get smaller and more complex, thus more specialized. People find their superpower in your company and do it better than most could. So, when you have so many so specialized, it can be hard to continue to share knowledge with new employees about what their task will be and who is going to teach it to them.

Ease of use

With a corporate LMS that’s easy to use, the key to the ignition doesn’t have to be kept in a locked file cabinet in IT. If everyone in your corporation can write a lesson on your learning management system, imagine the excitement when managers no longer have to send emails back and forth to your learning and development department for a few weeks to get a new slide inserted into their onboarding course.

All the knowledge

When building courses is easy and fun, more people want to both create and learn from them. Some corporate LMS systems currently are not user-friendly on the admin, creator, or learner front. A user-friendly system can improve knowledge sharing and knowledge management throughout your company. When the building is moved closer to the source of the information, it also ensures accuracy from the time of creation, to distribution, to modification, and so on.

A tool where your entire company can build, share, and track lessons or courses from your corporate LMS is something to get excited about. Cancel all of those training lectures and speed up your onboarding time for new employees with your new corporate LMS. You no longer have to worry about tracking who got your email or following up for weeks after a meeting to see if people are having any problems with the changes. By asking for feedback in a trackable lesson, you’ll be able to accomplish both of those things on a single screen.

Take a tour here and see what it’s like to get excited about a corporate LMS.

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