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Elearning as the New Norm in Employee Training

According to Time, 80 million Millennials are outnumbering the 76 million Boomers in the American workforce. By 2025, three out of four workers globally will be part of Gen Y. As more and more millennials join the workforce, the more their reshaping of the workforce solidifies. With that said, elearning has become the new norm. With the right platform, elearning provides efficiency and content diversity to any learner.

The game has changed. No longer is it more effective to sit back, listen, and fill in bubbles on an answer sheet. Elearning makes any learning style easily adhered to.

Retention will not be any higher if your pages and pages of printed text training material are simply thrown onto a computer screen. Technology is not what companies should focus on, but rather how the information in the technology is presented.

Knowing how to use technology to best engage the millennial learning style is what makes elearning effective. Here are some of the essentials of how to create content that is effective and efficient for any learner today:


Jump around with various types of media to communicate and reinforce messages. Training needs to be broken down into small amounts of information. Since 2000 when the smartphone market skyrocketed, Microsoft researchers found that the average attention span has declined by one-third, from 12 seconds to eight. And that’s just one form of technology that’s changed the way we work.


No one wants to sit at a computer screen scrolling through a PDF for two hours. Even then, as a manager, you’re risking retention of material. Engage your learners. With Lessonly, you have the ability to insert images, questions, documents, audio, video, and GIFs into your lessons. Fight the monotony in training by making it entertaining.


With the workforce reshaping, it’s not uncommon to see companies offering more time flexibility. When it comes to training, you can give your employees freedom to learn at their convenience before a deadline. Lessonly even sends reminder emails to your employees when a due date is arriving in the near future. You can build your lessons and watch them on any device. We’re mobile and tablet friendly.

Results Driven

With all the means of communication available today, instant gratification is pertinent. Problem solving and successes happen more frequently because we have more tools to utilize. With Lessonly, learners receive immediate feedback on how well they understood what they learned with Gradebook and report cards. Users are happy because they are seeing measured results, and you have all the analytics to see how well your employees are doing. You no longer have to guess if your employees are doing well; you can find exactly the information you need in Lessonly.

Don’t create training materials and have good faith that learners know the information. Give learners, in an effective way, the resources they need to effectively learn. Track progress and more acutely focus on learning development.

We love to help teams build easy-to-use software and create smarter, more productive teams. Take a tour today here.

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