Preparing for The Storm with Cyber Monday Skills

Cyber Monday of 2014 was the largest e-commerce day ever bringing in $2 billion. This year’s sales are expected to be even higher. You want to make sure your e-retail team is properly prepared for the largest day of online sales of the year.

Get your deals in order

Planning for the deals you are going to offer needs to be done well in advance. If you haven’t already established your 2015 Cyber Monday deals and savings, you’re behind. After you decide what deals will be available, decide on a strategy for how you will advertise deals. Offering Cyber email notifications is popular for companies. Other companies have a dedicated page on their website that announces sales to consumers.

Any way you decide to advertise, it is important to make sure you don’t announce your specials too early. Announcing too early will cause consumers to hold off their purchases and make you lose sales earlier this month. Creating a call-to-action for customers is a great way to build anticipation but will not take away from sales. Advertise by saying “Be the first to know about our Cyber Monday discounts.” Countdown timers are also a great way to not post your specific deals too early but allow you to build anticipation among your customers.

Maximize the traffic for your marketing list

On Cyber Monday, your website will likely see a peak in traffic. You can use the increase of your audience as a way to build your email marketing list. When your customers are at the checkout page, give your customers an opportunity to join your email list. You can even give them a special offer to motivate them to join. Tell them you want to give them deals that last longer than Cyber Monday.

Batten down the hatches

Hope for the best, but be properly prepared for if anything could go wrong. With the craziness of Cyber Monday, something is most likely to go wrong. All the preparation in the world still might not be able to adjust to the increased customer traffic your team might receive. Keep a close monitoring on all your websites and systems. Watching the sights in real-time will help you keep an eye on if any problems are occurring. If you are keeping a close watch and a problem happens, you can start working on it immediately.

If a problem does occur, the most important thing to do is to get in contact with customers as soon as possible. Do not leave your customers in the dark and unsure what is happening. Communication saves sales. Keep your customers informed if any problems occur.

Now that you have done these four things to prepare for Cyber Monday for your customers, make sure to take a look at our survival checklist to ensure your employees have the Cyber Monday skills to survive.

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