Peer Reviews without Peer Pressure

Over half of managers said that performance reviews are not an effective use of time. The managers who are saying this are not reaching the full effectiveness of their reviews. One major reason for this is that managers may be trying to review an employee they have not observed frequently in the workplace.

When appraisal times roll around, the manager isn’t the one who is constantly working with the employees he is observing on a daily basis. Peer reviews are an excellent way for managers to gain insight from the people who work with the employee on a consistent basis.

Here are four reasons why peer reviews are the best thing since sliced bread for your company:

Increases accuracy of reviews

Managers who are not working on a daily basis with their employees will not have a fair perception of their employees. Hearing from the people the employee works with the most will give a fuller appraisal. Areas where managers are unable to observe the employee’s performance, their peers can inform the manager on their work. The manager can also look at the peer review and help see if there is a gap between the employee’s thought process and the management team. If there are significant differences, the management team can see where the error is occurring and how management can better communicate with employees.

Facilitates accountability with coworkers

When employees receive feedback from peers, they are more likely to make improvements because they feel accountable to their peers. If they hear that they are bringing the team down, seeing the direct individuals they are impacting will make them more likely to change. Peers provide valuable insight into their daily strengths and development. Peer evaluation helps create a stronger team bond between employees.

Encourage employee recognition

Having peer performance reviews is not just about gaining insight for the manager, but about using the information to benefit the employee being evaluated. Use the positive words from the peers to motivate and encourage the employee to keep working on the strength that they provide to the team.

Creates employee equality

Peer performance appraisals make employees no longer have to feel like they have to woo management to get a good review. Their good review will come from work that they have put into their daily job and team. It empowers coworkers to see that the opinion of their teammates matter. Peer reviews help everyone to see that they are a valued member of the team and their opinion matters.

Want to give your employees guidance for when they are doing their reviews? Give them an employee evaluation form with guiding questions for how to review their teammate. Teach them effective performance phrases to help them best describe their coworkers.

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