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How Your Employees Hit The Big Shot

Just ten miles away from our office is the historic Hinkle Fieldhouse, home of the Butler Bulldogs #GoDawgs. One of the greatest sports movies of all time was played on this court on the cold night of March 20th, 1954.

Hoosiers (if you have not seen it yet, watch it right this instant) is about the Indians of tiny Milan High School (enrollment 162) defeating the South Bend Central Bears (enrollment 1,662) to win the state championship.

Hinkle Fieldhouse was packed with screaming fans.  A timeout was called with 23 seconds left in the game and a tied score of 40.  When the five players gathered around Coach Norman Dale he began to brainstorm a play that the other team will not expect by avoiding giving the ball to their best shooter, Jimmy Chitwood.

The players express faces of concern.  Chitwood confidently interjects saying, “I’ll make it.”

How did Chitwood have the confidence to know he would make the game-winning shot? Training. Through training, Chitwood had hit the shot 100s of times before. He had trained for this day. Winning the championship might be the most memorable scene, but there are many scenes before the final game of the Chitwood hustling through drill after drill.

Training is the key to hitting the shot. Even the most talented individuals need training to maximize their gifts and set themselves up for success.  How do you execute training? Have a plan.

Strong onboarding  and continuous training is the difference between winning and losing. We provide a customizable new employee training plan to help you assemble a training plan. Creating a training plan can seem overwhelming, but we promise it’s not.  Let us help you get your team ready by using our customizable new employee training plan.

Training helps achieve team goals.

Each business is made of different players with different team goals. A plan is the best way to accomplish goals. You can create a plan for your new hire training and get them on the court to success.

What does your team need to meet the goal? Customize your team’s plan to efficiently and effectively accomplish goals. When you have a plan, you will stop repeating yourself. Creating a training plan that specific to your employees will integrate new hires faster. Templates are edible and are ready to get your team where they want to be.

Do not let your new hire be lost sitting on the bench. Train your team up for success. Develop a plan to get him or her trained and in the game –then they will be able to hit the big shot.

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