Online LMS vs Self-Hosted Learning Management Systems

Searching for an LMS usually begins with a fork in the road. Do you want an online LMS in the cloud or do you want an LMS that is hosted on your servers at your location? Maybe you just want something that works regardless of where it is and regardless of where you are. Here are the few things to ask when debating between an online LMS and a hosted learning management system:

Online LMS

When you choose to move forward with an online LMS, you ensure that your technical setup and implementation is usually less in-depth than an LMS hosted on your servers. Instead, an online LMS is hosted in the cloud. So, the onus to keep your software up and running is on the provider instead of your employees.

Like everything, there are pros and cons of this. If you have a reliable company that is providing your software, like Lessonly, you are operating your online LMS free of worry and concern. You don’t need a dedicated team to ensure that your application is up and running because your provider has that team on their end. Conversely – if you choose an unreliable provider, you could be stuck with application downtime at a crucial point in your onboarding process.

Learning Management System Software

If you love overseeing every project, maybe you want to move forward with hosting your own software. Keep it in-house, so you can look over it. That’s okay. Just a fair warning: Self-hosting a learning management system software is going to be more work than an online LMS.

Some learning management system vendors will help with implementation, but I doubt many of them are doing it for free without a massive contract. You may have to fly in one of their employees, get them accommodated to your servers, the relationships with your HRIS database tables if you want to automate anything, access controls, workflows, and more things that I don’t even know how to pronounce. But, hey, if you love overseeing and implementing more projects, monitoring updates, go for it and we’ll be happy to help you with training ideas.

Don’t worry, be happy

If I were at the aforementioned fork in the road – although I may be biased – I would go with the online LMS. Learning management systems shouldn’t mean another stressor for anyone. With Lessonly, you can easily build, share, and track your learning throughout your team, department, or company.

If you want to move forward with an online LMS instead of a SCORM-based learning management system, welcome to the future!

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