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Kick Onboarding Off with a Welcome Letter to New Employees

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry knows the importance of a welcoming letter. Have you seen the Sorcerer’s Stone movie? When Harry’s uncle, Mr. Dursley, took away his first welcoming letter, Hogwarts did not cease to make contact with him. Each day another welcoming letter was sent. Time after time, Mr. Dursley took the letter before Harry could read it. Finally, Hogwarts flooded their house with letters to the point when Harry got his hands on one.

Why was Hogwarts so dedicated to getting Harry his welcome letter? They knew that a welcome is important to make their students feel valued.

A welcome letter is your employee’s first impression of working at your organization. Good impressions are the start to retaining employees. Twenty-two percent of turnover happens during the employee’s first forty-five days. Let your employee feel connected to your company from his or her beginning moments of the first day.

The following includes three key points to making your new hire feel welcome and at-home on their first day with a welcome letter:

Open the Doors Early

No one ever wants to be late on his or her first day. Whatever time you told your new hire to be at work, there is a good chance the employee will be there earlier. This means you need to plan ahead. Put your new hire letter on his or her workspace the night before. Get to the office early the next morning and open the doors for your new hire. As soon as the new hire arrives at the office, they will walk in and see their name on a card and begin to feel more at home.

Ease the Transition

New hires are worried about the transition of becoming part of an already existing team. Use your letter to help the employee to meet people. A manager is not the only one who can write a welcome card. A coworker can write a card as well. That way, the new hire will know everyone is excited to have the hire as part of the team and not just management. Depending on the size of your company, you can even have multiple people sign a card.

Get Rid of New Hire Jitters

Acceptance is a major fear of new hires. The new hire is concerned with getting immersed in a new environment. Express genuine interest in the new employee, both professionally and personally. Compliment the hire on how you see their future impact on the business. Also, comment on what it is about one’s personality you are excited to work with. Expressing these things will give the new hire confidence and remove jitters. Let the new hire know how excited you are to have him or her as part of your team.

You never get a chance to redo a first impression. Beginning a new job is stressful enough. Make sure to help eliminate your employee’s worries by welcoming your new asset on their first day.

Here at Lessonly, we have provided a welcome letter to new employee to help prepare you for your new employee’s arrival.

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