Keeping Joy Around in Performance Reviews

Have you seen the Pixar movie “Inside Out?” If you haven’t — which you are really missing out — let me summarize it for you (maybe spoilers?). Riley is an 11-year-old whose world turns upside down when she is forced to move across the country with her family. Throughout the movie, you see how her emotions of Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger try to function when her emotion of Joy gets lost from the control center in her brain.

The traditional idea of performance reviews is seen as unfair and scary situations. When employees hear “It is performance review time again” like Riley, their emotion of joy can become lost.

We believe that the performance review process should be seen as a wonderful method to motivate employees to reach their full potential and reach their goals. We want your employees to be filled with joy when they hear review time.

You might be wondering if this is possible. It can be done! The correct approach to reviews are providing accurate insight and analysis while inspiring your employee to grow.

Positive Words

Words can damage as well as inspire. Choose your words carefully!

If there are areas where improvements need to be made create an approach that makes the employee excited to change. Tell them how much greater and more productive they could be with a few adjustments. Inspire the employee. Avoid critical language, negative comments, and critiquing without offering solutions and empowering them that they can change.

Are you worried your words could hurt an employee? Well, we have created a resource for you. We have 100 motivational, well-crafted performance review phrases for you to use during review time.

Empower Employees through Self-Performance Reviews

Engage the employee in the review process. Self-performance reviews allow you to get inside the employee’s mind. This will create a conversation between the evaluator and employee rather than a one-way speech.

Instead of seeing review time as being told what they need to change, it will be seen as the reviewer investing into the employee. Employees will be happy that they are part of the interactive process to growth.

Lead to a Brighter Future

If there is a problem, come up with a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP). The PIP will be a map to help guide the employee to the steps for success. Leading the employee will show that you have faith in them. You see their potential and believe they have the ability to succeed.

We believe that the performance review process is valuable to every company. The performance review process brings us so much joy that we want your employees to be as excited as we are for review time. For this reason, we have created many resources to help aid in the performance appraisal process.

Use our resources to understand the appraisal process inside and out in order to create a joyful experience for your employees instead of sadness, fear, disgust or anger.

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