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Have Your Employees Review Their Own Training Plan Template

When CEOs were asked, “What is the skill you most value in your people?”, they answered creativity. Executives are looking for employees who have the ability to solve problems, find solutions, and make innovations.

Creative thinking needs to be encouraged in the new hire from the start. One way to do this is by having employees review the training process they just completed. Let them problem-solve how to improve training.

Tell your employees to go beyond “The training process was great!” You want well thought out answers. Have them think deeply about what improvements can be made to strengthen the training process even better for the next group of hires.

Ask the employees these three questions:

What went well?

Find out what areas of training the employees found helpful. Evaluate what you do that works well in those areas. Those areas are strong points of your training. Use the information to understand your training strengths.

What didn’t go well?

Listen to what areas were confusing to the new hires. This will put you in the new hire’s shoes. When the trainers already have the pre-knowledge of the training topics, they have a different knowledge base than the hires. You can learn if the training material needs to be adjusted so your new hires can better understand.

What more would have liked to learn?

Learn what topics the employees would like to know more about. From this question, you will find out what interests your new hires. This will also tell you where they feel a lack of knowledge in which will allow you to consider adding topics to the training plan.

Analyze the feedback you received from new hires. Adapt to the feedback and improving the overall training. Follow up with your new hires and thank them for the input. Tell them the adjustments that you are creating for the next group of hires because of the suggestions they gave.

Getting the employees’ thoughts will show that you value their opinions. You want new hires to have the mindset that parts of the business can always be improved. This will inspire thinking outside of the present to thinking about the future. This mentality will breed creativity.

In addition to making adjustments for the future, you will hear if there are any areas your current hires feel they are lacking in. You can immediately provide them with the resources they need. This will help the new hire to have a more positive onboarding experience. The new hires will be able to tell you care about their personal development and success in the company.

If your training manual is lacking, use our employee training plan template resource to help get your plan started.

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