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How a Letter Prepared Me for Sample Performance Review Phrases

Every morning a Facebook notification flashes on my screen informing me which of my “friends” have birthdays today. It feels nice on your special day getting flooded with “Happy Birthday” comments. Let’s be honest, though, how many of those people would remember if it was not for that Facebook reminder?

Do not get me wrong. The Facebook comments are special to me, but nothing is more sentimental than a handwritten birthday card in the mail.

Every year on my birthday, the thing I look forward to most is a piece of lined white paper that is always waiting for me in the mailbox. This letter is a personal birthday letter from Mr. Stroup, one of my eighth-grade teachers. Mr.Stroup sends a letter to every student he has taught. Over 35 years of teaching makes for thousands of letters each year. Don’t believe one man can do that? You can check out his story here and see for yourself!

Why does the letter always encourage and make me feel valued? He took the time to think of me before my birthday and mail a handwritten card. He was prepared.

Performance review time can make employees feel valued when properly prepared. Managers need to think about how they will give their performance evaluation prior to five minutes before meeting with the employee to organize and practice their performance review.

Here are three key things that managers can do to prepare for appraising:

Create the Right Atmosphere

Reduce the tension and emotion of your employee by building the right atmosphere. This will require intentional thinking. Decide on a private and neutral environment, which will make your employee feel comfortable and avoid interruptions.

Plan on meeting during a time that is convenient for the employee. Meeting during a busy time for the employee will add stress to evaluation and will take away from their work. Allow proper duration for the meeting. Avoid squeezing a review in between meetings and rushing the employee.

Create Discussion, Not Demand

To get where you want to go, you have to have a plan. Managers who go in without a plan often create a one-way conversation. Go into performance appraisals with an outline and template to map your discussion, not demand. Take a look at our employee sample performance review phrases examples we have to offer.

Create Solutions

Take the time to think about how solutions can be given to negative feedback. If there is a problem, resolve it with a solution. Think about building a performance improvement template. Be prepared to encourage an employee that needs extra help that you have resources to guide them to success.

Do not let a notification reminder on your phone calendar the day of an appraisal be the first time you think about the evaluation. Show you care and value employees by thinking ahead about how to show your employee you value them.

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