Breaking Up With Your Old Learning Management System Software

You know breakups do not always have to be bad. Sure, there will be some tears and you might binge on some ice cream or cookie dough with salmonella being the least of your concerns at the time. But, is it time your company made a change? Or better yet, an improvement? Is your learning management system software out of date? If so, it’s time call it quits with your old LMS.

Many companies are ditching their traditional LMS. Maybe you need your traditional LMS and company to split up and go your separate ways. Here are five signs that you may need to modernize your LMS and cut off the old ball and chain:

It isn’t simple

Too many LMS companies create their product with the goal of making money. Creating easy-to-use software is not the company’s purpose. On the other hand, companies that do focus on the user will create systems that are simple to use. If your employees spend hours wrestling software to manage, build, and learn, then it is time to modernize your LMS.

Maybe your LMS just doesn’t tell you what it wants. No one wants to end up in the break room screaming, “What do you want from me?” Instead, call it quits before that point.

It isn’t social

Systems need to create secure spaces for communication. An LMS should allow admins to give feedback on the employees’ assessments. LMS software should allow easy access to managers, sharing of knowledge and building content together.

Another communication problem: If trying to give constructive feedback through your LMS ends up in a waste of breath or keystrokes, it’s time to move on.

It isn’t mobile

Users should be able to learn at their convenience and on their device of choice. Make training for your employees a breeze by giving them a mobile-friendly software.

You and your employees are always on the move. How can you be with something that doesn’t want to travel with you? You’ll never be able to complete some of your bucket list with your current LMS. Kiss that backpacking trip across Europe goodbye.

It isn’t up-to-date

Has your LMS been updated in a decade? A well-designed LMS uses current technology to interest and engage learners. Find an LMS that makes content engaging for learners. An LMS lesson should be comprised of text, images, questions, documents, audio, video, and GIFs to create engaging learning experiences. Engaged learning makes the knowledge that is being taught memorable to learners.

Everyone can appreciate a vintage style. But, when an LMS chooses to live its life like it’s still in 1970, it can become difficult. What do you mean your LMS doesn’t know what a GIF is? See, this is why it’s not working.

It isn’t friendly

Do not use an LMS that is not user-friendly with other systems. Without a webhook and API, you are forced to wait on your provider to build a custom integration for your current systems. It could be a while if you have built a few things in-house. Now you can set your own deadlines, expectations, and customizations for exactly what you need.

If your current learning management system software hates all of your friends, it’s not you or your friends that are the problem, it’s your LMS. Break up already. Have a night on the town, then move forward with your new LMS.

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