Traditional LMS vs. Modern Learning Management Systems

All companies need training. Are you using a traditional outdated Learning Management System (LMS)? If so, your employees could not be taking training seriously, and they are probably receiving irrelevant information.

It’s important that you realize the differences between newer and older learning management system models. Traditional LMSs feature more information than learners need and have steep learning curves. Modern LMSs, like Lessonly, keep learning simple and efficient. Newer management systems focus on efficient distribution of materials that allow companies to streamline the onboarding, training, and developing process.

Implementing an exceptional learning software is one of the best investments a business can make. Finding the right training software that is best for your company takes research to find the best fit.

Here are three benefits that newer Learning Management Systems have to offer that traditional LMSs do not:

Information is willingly received by learners

Traditional LMSs push large amounts of text information for employees to learn. The retention rate of the employees who use software systems like that are not very high. With Lessonly, users can access the training information on any device that has a web browser. We are very mobile friendly. Split large amounts of information into individual lessons. Keep the lessons engaging by switching up how you present information: text, images, GIFs, audio, and video.

Newer learning management systems are social

Communication should be made easy to build content for the organization. Let others help you grow your educational library. With Lessonly, you can give any person the ability to create lessons. Combine your knowledge through collaboration. Creating a lesson is as easy as sending an email. Take into account what learning style is best for your employees and have your team create lessons with that format in mind.

Encourage feedback from learners

Traditional LMSs have little engagement. Modern eLearning systems measure how learners retain information and allow feedback. The feedback is then used to continue to improve the learning process. Help engage your employees by including quizzes or open response questions to elicit learner feedback. You can see how they do from the Gradebook. Measurement tools are key to getting feedback. If someone is struggling, talk to them about what they are confused on. If an employee or student far surpasses the rest, they will be easy to recognize and reward.

What was the biggest factor in why you switched after your learning management system comparison?

Learn more about how Lessonly simplifies the traditional LMS. Throw out the old, unhelpful LMSs, and join the easy-to-use and efficient learning software management system here.

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