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Following Through with Your Employee Training Manual Template

Don’t let your new hire template be missing what 9 out of 10 golfers are — the follow through. The follow through is what drives the golf ball to the green. Companies can build a strong new hire checklist, but if they do not follow through on their lists like a golf swing, the employees will end up in the rough.

It is not enough to build the “perfect” new hire employee training manual template; building is only half the job. The other half is executing your plan by following through. How well you follow through on the training is a reflection of how great your training truly is.

Here are four tricks to help you follow through on your training plan:

Create Goals for Training

Each hole in golf has a reference point, par. Set goals for what you want your employees to be able to take away from training. Sixty percent of companies do not set milestones or goals for their new hires to pursue. Set goals for what you want your employees to be able to take away from training. Goals give new hires direction and vision for what you want them to achieve after training. You have to set reference points to know what you are striving for. Only 14 percent employees understand their company’s strategy and direction. Make sure that the new employee knows both their personal goals as well as company goals.


Coaching is an integral part to developing in golf. Behind every talented player is the wisdom of a coach. Developing a mentor program is a great way to see your new hires accelerate by learning from your current top performers. Mentors will not only help guide the new hire but also help get him or her personally connected in the company. Having a mentor program helps carry the onboarding process past the initial employee training.

Consistency Together

For a golf swing to work well, body parts must be working together. Hands, arms, legs, and hips need to come through the shot together for the ball to be consistently hit well. Make sure that as you go through training, your employees are coming through with you. Bring all new employees onboard in a similar fashion. Give them opportunities for feedback from the onboarding group during the process. You may think the training manual seems clear, but the employees can have confusion. Learn what areas need clarification and adjust for the next group of hires. Businesses who continually update their onboarding programs are 30 percent more likely to be positioned to respond to industry trends.

Go All the Way

When golfers properly follow through, they end up facing their target. Golfers do not do this for show, but it is a natural position from going through the full motion of the shot. You have built a new employee training manual for your employees prior to training. Now, it is time to execute that list. Make sure that as go through training, you are able to check that you have accomplished every item off the manual. We have provided simple new employee checklist builder that allows you to create training plans for what topics your company needs.

Hit your company goals by following through with your employee training manual template. Following through will keep you and your employees on target. Swing your new hires to the top of the company by following through.

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