Evaluating a Learning Management System Vendor

Companies are experimenting with free online platforms and systems created by learning management system vendors like Google to teach their employees. You might be asking, “With all the online platforms available for free, why should my company use one like Lessonly?”

One Stop Shop

Your company can use Dropbox for sharing media files, Yahoo! for discussion forums, Google Docs for submitting documents, and Survey Monkey for asking questions. Using all these different platforms makes information spread across multiple different platforms. But, using all this platforms simultaneously seems a bit ironic when it comes to organization.

Learners will have to create different login accounts for all these systems. Having multiple different platforms for your employees’ learning is nearly impossible for administrators of companies on a medium or large scale.

Lessonly’s LMS software allows for the building, administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational content all in one location. That includes news, announcements, assignments, quizzes, lessons, grading and feedback. Your internal directory can even be integrated with Lessonly to eliminate password fatigue and the risk of phishing. Centralize everything in one simple place instead of having resources scattered all over different accounts.

Better Communication

Executing communication methods is a key to creating a successful business. LMS software allows admins to give feedback on the employees’ assessments. Feedback from the teachers lets the learners hear how they are retaining particular lessons and their overall learning outcome. Feedback changes employees from clicking through pages to get a completion check to seeing assignments as being knowledgeable and growing pieces of information. Lessonly will even handle all the notices and reminder emails to communicate with your employees when they have assignments available to them.

Distributing Information

Get information to the specific employees that need to learn it. When a company is using a collection of commercial web services, distributing information can become complicated. Lessonly saves time by keeping things simple.

Teachers can see how their learners are retaining information, and learners can see how they are improving. Learn how effective your lessons, activities, and courses are by looking at the Gradebook to see if learning outcomes are being met. Lessonly allows you to give multiple administrators access to create lessons while restricting access to your learners.

Distributing information only takes three clicks. Pick a person or a group (click), select a lesson or course (click), and hit assign (click). Viola! Assignments made easy.

Communicate and distribute information to your team better by having all your information in one centralized place. While you’re evaluating, feel free to peruse our tour here.

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