Updating Your Learning Management System Software

Traditional learning management system software is a thing of the past. Needing training in order to build training is not efficient. If you use a traditional LMS, you’ll probably even need training for the training to build training. Ouch, my brain. Let’s just skip over training the trainers on the training platform and start with something easier.

At Lessonly, we’ve created easy learning software for smarter, more productive teams. We focus on software that is not only easy to use but is connected to performance.

Three reasons why we’re different than the traditional LMS:

1. User-focused vs. Admin-focused

Traditional learning management system software focuses solely on making courses that are easy to build for administration. However, they neglect to think about the user experience.

Our software makes courses easy to make and enjoyable to take. Content widgets allow you to upload not just text but images, videos, audio, and even GIFs. Engaging and interactive lessons for your users will create a more enjoyable and beneficial experience. A mix of media will engage learner focus and help retain information.

If you can write an email, you can build Lessonly lessons.

2. Learning curves

All people don’t learn in the same way. Lessons should not just be a checklist of completions, but actionable information giving the learner knowledge. Adding due dates to your assignments gives employees the opportunity to take the lesson at their own pace for learning before an assigned deadline. We even handle all the notices and reminder emails to your employees so they are reminded and updated about their learning track.

Do not waste your employees’ time with information they don’t need to know. Lessonly lets your create groups of who, specifically, you want to send your lessons to. Add your entire company to Lessonly. Partners and clients are welcome, too, at no extra cost. You only pay for the blocks of users that you train each month.

3. Performance driven

What good is education if your employees are not growing? We don’t mean physically. We allow you to check and see what your company is learning down to the percentage. The gradebook and progress reports allow you to create individualized reports for all of your learners, featuring recent progress, lesson completions, scores, and past-due assignments.

Mindlessly clicking through slides will not help your employee retain information. Use quizzes to help measure the success of your employees. If an employee’s work performance is struggling, you can see where they’re struggling in lessons.

Take a look at our client case studies and see for yourself how much they have benefited from our software and resources!

Training to build training is of the past. Stop making learning complicated. Let us help you build, learn, and track how your learners are doing through our beloved easy learning software. Try it out for yourself here

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