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Introduce the New Guy with a New Employee Announcement Email

Hiring a new employee can be an exciting time for recruiters, HR, and the employee. But, that excitement cannot be conveyed if the new employee doesn’t get the proper red carpet rollout. Instead, when you offer a new employee announcement email, everyone can share in the excitement.

Small Company Announcement Emails

If you are a small company, you might all respond to the email or welcome your new employee with a simple welcoming in the group chat. When I joined Lessonly, the Butler references were abundant. There were GIFs of Butler in the Sweet 16 and #GoDawgs galore. Immediately, I was excited to be onboard and felt like I knew everyone’s personalities a little sooner than I would have without it. Of course, I was already excited to be onboard, but that email thread definitely made me smile.

Medium Company Welcoming Tour

If you are hiring in batch, consider taking your new hires on a tour the day of. All of your employees may not be aware of the new hires and they don’t necessarily need to be. You don’t need to pull in every member of the team for every interview. But, consider taking your new employees on a tour of the entire building and have their new manager take them on a tour of their respective department. They won’t remember every person’s name in the company, but they should get to know their department a little faster.

Large Company Welcome Email

If you are in a large company, you shouldn’t just let your new hires fly under the radar for everyone. You likely have a group of interns coming on for the summer and everyone should know about them and where they are so they can do their best to help out. Who knows? If you make your interns feel welcome, they may never leave. You may just send out an email to your building or floor, or you may just let them all introduce themselves in a meeting. Either way, people should not have to walk by their cubicle wondering who that person is and where they came from every time they go to the restroom.

How to Get Started?

To get started, check out our new employee announcement email template fo’ free. If it’s not perfect for your team and you want it in your own voice, go ahead and change it — we won’t be offended. But, if you love it, use it! Don’t hesitate to give your new employees the royal welcome.

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