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From both legal responsibilities as well as operational efficiency, compliance training is the most important training. Oftentimes laws, regulations, and company policy training can be boring and overlooked.

The most popular approach organization’s take to compliance training is the read-and-agree format for compliance agreement. Do you know what we’re talking about? We have all been handed a stack of papers as thick as a book listing all of the rules with a ‘Sign here’ line at the end. How really effective is that approach?

When companies do not know the rules and regulations of company policy, they put the entire business at risk. Don’t just hand your employees a huge stack of papers and expect that to be efficient for effective compliance training.

Here are some pointers we have to improve your organization’s compliance training:

Show employees the benefits of compliance training

The legal benefits of compliance training are pretty apparent: follow legal requirements to keep from getting in trouble and keep employees safe.

There are also many other hidden benefits to compliance training that go overlooked. Following protocol creates a better workplace environment. When employees know the expectations and rules there is a professional obligation. Across the company, there is a standardization of how the behavior in an organization should function. Customers will also better benefit from this because the operational experience for them will be the same every time.

Give employees resources that they can review

When an employee has a question about procedures on day-to-day responsibilities, they need a resource that they can look back to. Don’t waste your employees’ time by having them dig through stacks of documents. Take advantage of online learning. Lessonly allows all compliance training information to be in one central location. They can access the information with them wherever they are.

Do not overload your employees

Compliance training can be challenging because of the abundance of information the employee needs to absorb. Avoid overwhelming your employee and doing all your compliance training at one time during the onboarding process, and use microlearning to break down your content into bite-sized, attainable amounts of information. Breaking down your information will help your employees retain the important knowledge they’re receiving.


Retention rates for policies and procedures will increase if employees are tested on the information frequently. Make the compliance training come to life by creating a context that relates to the employee. Teach the employee about a company regulation then create a real-world scenario putting that regulation into a work circumstance. Use multiple choice, free response, or true or false questions to see how your employee would approach the situation based off of company policy. The employee can see their score on the question through grade book and learn if they were properly handling the situation.

Compliance training is crucial. Do not be inefficient and put your company at risk by poorly informing employees on regulations and company policies.

It’s your job as a leader to ensure your team knows what they’re learning, when they’re learning, and how well they’re learning. Lessonly helps make those three things happen with our compliance training software. If you’re ready to get started building your compliance training software, you can jump in with a tour.

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