The LMS Rex: The Hindrance of Learning

Warning: This blog might contain spoiler alerts for the movie Jurassic World. If you continue to read this post, you may not experience the full cinematic masterpiece that is Jurassic World.

The creation

Training can be hard. Creating and organizing content to make it exciting for every individual throughout time is virtually impossible. You may not have to reach back into the Triassic period, but reviving old content can be as exhausting as taking care of your nephews while running a theme park.

You have to make new content. It has to be bigger, scarier, and with more teeth. You want to make a lesson on “Standard Operating Procedures in Case of a Breach.” The only problem is your LMS; it still contains modules. Ugh.

It would take you months to train and learn how to create a dream-lesson. So, complete liberty is bestowed upon the LMS scientists to create the ideal lesson, containing everything about your company, something to entertain everyone, and mixed with a few exotic animals. That freedom could lead to an uncontrollable, unstoppable, force terrorizing your employees until they take the first ferry off the island.

The unveil

As you open the lesson for the first time, you feel your stomach fill with pteranodon (you know, the flying dinosaurs that escaped from the aviary). It’s a lot bigger than expected.

It’s too big; this lesson would take the average reader months to complete. It’s too old; there are references to Windows 97. This isn’t a new creation, but a combination of every standard operating procedure since 1993.

Thankfully, your head scientist hasn’t changed, but many others have. You call in a consultant to discuss what to do, and he’s taken aback. This lesson was created in a lab, it had no personal touch, it had no interaction, not even a funny .gif or cat picture. As comical as this consultant was in Pawnee, he now has a leather vest, and you have to take him seriously.

The tragedy

The LMS scientists have created a monster, and you have no idea how to stop it. You rush back to your desk to ensure it doesn’t reach your team. It’s too late. As you open your email, you find it’s been sent to everyone.
Groans of boredom fill the office. Now you are faced with disgruntled employees circling you like Blue, Charlie, Delta, and Echo. You attempt to contain the damage by ensuring your team they will not have to take that lesson, but you’ve set your park back another month. The lesson isn’t ready, so your team isn’t ready. The new exhibit will have to wait for the safety of your visitors. Unless it doesn’t want to wait…

The hero

If only there were a new anti-LMS that democratized learning software. A product that anyone could use to create, assign, and track lessons. Welcome to Stop relying on mad scientists with ulterior motives, and start training your team yourself.

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