Top 8 Reasons eRetail is Failing

The world of technology has changed many things, especially in the retail world.  eRetail could be a lot better, but what components will make a customer’s shopping experience better?

Here are eight reasons eRetail is failing and customers are not satisfied with their eRetail experience.

8. No Reasonable Investment

A lot of people believe they can start a business with a few hundred dollars, but in reality, this is not feasible.  A lot of people don’t realize how much money it takes to start a business and keep it running successfully until they gain clientele.  A few thousand dollars would be a good step in the correct direction to start a business.  A few hundred dollars does not cover the tip of the iceberg.

7. Not Enough Flow of Cash

The saying “it takes money to make money” is true.  Once you start your business, you need to have a substantial amount of cash flow to keep your business operating smoothly.  If you don’t have enough money to keep your equipment running and your site updated, you will lose potential customers and current customers may look elsewhere for the things they need.  This is one reason customers are not happy with their eRetail experience.

6. Meager Management of Inventory

Inventory is a major part of eRetail.  You need to have a proper balance in order to sustain a successful business.  When you have too little inventory, you can lose a lot of customers.  When you have too much inventory, you are losing money because you are spending money when you do not have to.

5. The Competition Factor

Sometimes the competition is too much and you can’t compete will all the competition that is out there.  In this instance, you need to know when to sit one out and take one for the team or revamp your eRetail thoughts and blueprint to evolve your business into something that is better and unique.

4. Low-Quality Product Photos

Product photos that are of low-quality will give you negative customer results guaranteed.  You cannot expect a customer to purchase a product when they do not have a clear image of the product.  The photos need to be as detailed as possible and would appear best in color.

3. Short Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are essential for an eRetail site. Customers don’t want to spend their hard-earned money on something they don’t know how it works or what it’s used for.  The product description should be as detailed as the picture.  The description should include specifics regarding the project, including features, what the product is used for, how it works, and how to assemble the product, if assembly is required.

2. No Patience

If you are looking for your site to become an instant success overnight, you may want to rethink and reset your goals into ones that are more reasonable.  Set small goals.  Take baby steps and make your way to success.  Give people time to spread the word about your site and generate traffic.

1. Terrible Website

The primary reason customers eRetail experience is not satisfactory is due to terrible websites.  There are a lot of websites that have non-functioning tabs and buttons, error codes, broken links, and convenience features that do not work.  Customers want a site they can browse with ease, get what they want and make their purchase.  When this process is complicated, customers will find a site that has similar products to purchase their items.

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