Managing Knowledge with a Learning Content Management System

Remember all of those motivational posters that filled your elementary school wall? The bright colored pictures were used to inspire students, the cliché posters that had truth behind the words on them. We’re going to talk about the classic one that said, “Knowledge is power.”

Companies that are powerful know how to properly distribute and spread knowledge to their team members. Knowledge is managed by collecting and analyzing information over time to further improve and innovate within the company. You need a centralized location where the knowledge can be shared.

Knowledge management software streamlines the educational process. It gets employees from Point A to Point B faster by sharing and storing accessible knowledge. Knowledge management helps information to be distributed efficiently throughout your company. Don’t have your employees waste time by having them rebuild the wheel. Take the knowledge of the wheel and build upon it to make a car to get your team to where they want to be.

A Learning Content Management System (LCMS) allows companies to create, store, and organize content while tracking the retention of information. An LCMS creates a centralized location for knowledge sharing. This means that training, performance management, and development information is in one location for your learners.
Lessonly software allows your team to share their knowledge throughout the company. Here are the four roles necessary to implement our software:

Administrators: They have unlimited access to content, data, and company information of Lessonly. Admins are the ones in charge. They can assign all roles. Administrators can restrict managers.

Managers: Managers oversee the groups and individuals that they were assigned to by the administrators. Each department can have a different manager overseeing the assigned group. Managers have the full ability to build content, assign content and create groups.

Creators: They make the magic happen. Creators bring the content to life. They build the lessons. Learning modules can be built to best fit your team’s learnings style. Powerpoint, audio, video, and GIFs all help creators make learning exciting. Anyone in the organization can be a creator.

Learners: You guessed it! They learn. Learners receive and take the course assignments. They can even track how they are retaining their information.

Administrators, managers, creators, and learners all work together to distribute knowledge in the company, and knowledge is power. Let Lessonly help your company manage that knowledge. Become powerful with our software. Start spreading your knowledge and take a tour of Lessonly.

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