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Keep Pace With an Employee Training Schedule Template

When you hire a new class of employees, you likely spend the first few days training them. If you bombard them with training at the beginning, they might not pick up everything they need to complete their job sufficiently or excellently. To fix the pace and keep it at a balanced level, consider adopting a training schedule template.

Training Calendar Template

Your new employees will go through 4 phases of their employment: forming, storming, norming, and performing. To have a successful training program, you  must accommodate each one. Of course, you want to get your employees out on the floor as quickly as possible. Whether they are resolving customers questions and issues, or if they are closing deals and generating revenue for your company, getting them to full effectiveness is key.

However, when you turn out employees that are unprepared in their beginning training phases, it can end up hurting your company more than you think. If your new sales team is spending time prospecting the wrong type of customers or your customer service team is ignorant about your product, you could be losing more revenue than you think.

Why use a Training Schedule Template

Training shouldn’t stop after the first week. If you were put into a room for a week and expected to go through 300 boring lessons, I would heavily question your retention of those lessons. In order to retain so much information, you need to break out the lessons and make interactive learning. Break up the training with a few activities or let your new employees shadow some veterans.

If you use a training schedule template, you can keep training at a manageable pace without worrying about what comes next. The organizational aspect of a training schedule lets you simply update the first date on the training plan and the rest of the dates will follow. You no longer have to try to remember every training lesson you’ve ever had for every new class.

The template aspect means it’s customizable to your own training. When you take a few minutes and lay out your training program for the first 90 days, future you will thank you. Your job likely isn’t to come in and think what training material are we going to use for next week’s lesson. If you manage your company’s training, you likely are responsible for updating your employees and keep basic, fundamental lessons relevant and up to date. With a training schedule template, you no longer have to spend time thinking over old tasks every day. Take back your day and use a training schedule template.

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