Improve Your Transitions with Instructional Design

There is always a transitional period for all new employees who are coming into work. It does not matter what sort of work they have done in the past, a new company brings new responsibilities and new ways of completing tasks. Even the most experience employee needs this transitional period to become acquainted with what they need to do and how it is to be done.

Map it Out

You should never just instruct an employee on the fly. While having them learn on the fly can be beneficial as they are forced to learn quickly, you also want to have the learning process mapped out with an instructional design. If someone is forced into certain positions all at once without any real training, there really is nothing else for them to do except fail, and if a new employee struggles mightily when first starting their work, they are more likely to quit and look for other work, which in turn can cost the company in trying to hire a new employee again. With an instructional design, ever major step of the transition process is mapped out. This way, they can focus on learning one aspect at a time and then move forward. It is important to learn how to crawl before running, and this makes all of this possible.

Bring in the Other Departments

If an employee knows more about what is going on with the business they are able to alter what they do so it helps make sure all of the work they do provides beneficial services to everyone else inside of the company as well. This way, instead of just doing work inside of the marketing department that helps just that one department, they are able to create content that assists the sales department and in a way that makes it easier on the accounting department. All of this in turn helps improve productivity and cut down on costs. By fitting in this kind of training into the instructional design, it makes it that much easier for everyone to work together. After all, the best employees are not ready made when they come into the company. They are shaped and molded in order to conform to what your business needs. The best way to do this is through an instructional period where they can take steps through their transition into the company and become the best employee possible.

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