The Importance of Online Training Software Reviews

I’ve been constantly Googling “Best ________” since I bought a house. Yesterday, I had a lightbulb burn out. Instinctively, I Googled, “most efficient lightbulbs.” Why does software have to be different? If you are anticipating spending thousands of dollars a year on a new training platform, you want it to be the best one. So, before signing a contract, browse some customer testimonials and make sure what they love is what you desire. Here are three things to look at when reading through case studies or reviews:


A training platform should be easy to use. Taking a lesson in order to build a lesson is tedious and unnecessary. If some of the people leaving reviews say a platform is difficult to use, there is a good chance that someone in your company will also find it difficult to use.

Being able to delegate the creation of lessons to managers, creatives, or even interns can save hours and improve the knowledge of the team better than a single person creating all of the lessons. Spending hours training interns on how to use your LMS might not be the most effective use of your time or theirs if they are leaving at the end of the summer.


Your online training software should have all of the bells and whistles you desire but not more. Is adjusting the pixel height of an image really going to affect your learners’ experience? If not, you don’t need that feature. Some LMS systems leave people feeling like they’re in a spaceship where the red button could destroy the office.

By knowing the features you want and need to keep learners engaged throughout a lesson and a course, you can drastically eliminate cumbersome learning platforms from your potential choices.


Support is an aspect that is easily forgotten when looking for software options. A software could be the most intuitive on the planet, but I’d still be missing something. Having the ability to call up a dedicated support representative and ask questions about lost features or even discussing the roadmap of the future is truly helpful to both parties. Some companies already have their idea of where they’re going and they don’t need help. If you get lost in their platform, you could end up feeling lost at sea.

When I end up lost and go through the process of creating a case, my eyes well when I see the “may take 24 hours to respond” message at 10:00 am on a Tuesday. Dashed are my hopes are accomplishing that task for the day. Pay attention to what customers are saying about the support of your potential training platforms in their online training software reviews.

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