Starting a New Hire Checklist

The importance of a new hire checklist is clear. Starting can be intimidating. If you have training materials in so many different places, like Google docs, PowerPoint presentations, or even a wiki–yikes–starting can be overwhelming. Here are our tips for starting your new hire checklist:

Don’t Go Alone

No one ever said you had to do this alone. training is a collaborative process and so is preparing for training. You are not expected to remember every training document the company has ever had in the entire time of operation–well, you might be, I don’t know your role. If you are expected to know everything, try to convince a team member to help you organize everything.

Collaborating can make the process go by faster and since starting likely will be challenging or monotonous, keep some company around. Climbing the mountain with a friend can ensure you don’t get lost in the avalanche of training content or activities.


Sticking with the mountain climbing metaphor, once you get to the top take some time to review your progress. Turn around and look down, unless you’re scared of heights. You likely felt overwhelmed when you first looked upon this task, but now you can see what you’ve accomplished.

Unfortunately, you may remember that you forgot something that was hidden in a folder or even from someone else. That’s what the revision stage is for, to take the time to look back on your new hire checklist and see what you may have missed or what has gaps. Include the fun things too, like icebreakers and team-builders.


You may look down on the mountain only to turn back around notice that you’re not at the peak. It can be frustrating to start building a new hire checklist, but it will pay off in the long run. Run your checklist past other managers to get their input after you think you are finished. Revising and improving is crucial to the new hire process.

Along with asking managers, you should also consult the new employees after they have finished their onboarding process. No one knows your audience quite like the audience themselves. So, when you ask for help, they might have the best insight. They will be able to tell you times that drug on or times that were enjoyable for everyone.

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