Upgrade Your Outdated LMS; Stop Breaking Your Achy-Breaky Heart

Training is a fact of life for any growing company. It is also often overlooked once a workable training system is established. Has your Learning Management System been updated in the past few years? How about this decade? If your LMS was a person, would it still have frosted tips and acid washed jeans? If your LMS is outdated significantly, not only will it be taken less seriously by employees, the information provided will be out of date and less useful for today’s business. A modern LMS will streamline employee training and bring your company into the modern age.

Expectations have changed

Immediacy and convenience are vital for successful employee training. Modern learning management system programs will allow the user to log on at work or in their own time and learn quickly in a format they understand. Modern employees respond to interactive learning, short videos, and plenty of graphics. If your LMS was a person and would listen to WHAM, you might have a problem. Whether you are teaching an online class of many students, or training a group of employees being relevant is actually important.

Easy to view daily student progress

With most learning management systems you can view the daily progress of each individual in the class. It someone is struggling, or not trying it will be clear with graphs and charts. If an employee or student far surpasses the rest, they will be easy to recognize and reward as well.

Management of records is simple and self-guided

Records such as who attended a training session, student grades, what percentage of the class watched a video, and the learning materials themselves are kept on an employee management software like an LMS. Most systems are easy to navigate and self-guided so information can be retrieved as needed. Whether you have 10 or a 100 employees or 30 students, being able to store vital information in an accessible place can save you time and hassle.

Upgrading is self-guided. Even if feel you are about as tech-savvy as your dated LMS, learning new systems is easy and help is available for every step.

How to choose an LMS

  • How many employees at once will you need to manage? Many quality LMS programs are geared towards a specific load.
  • How many lessons or classes are you offering? Make sure you choose a program that can handle your needs.
  • Do they offer great tech support? If navigating a new system is a new frontier for you, you may want to make sure you have solid tech support.

To update your system and move into the modern age of convenience come over to Lessonly.

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