Present the Big Picture During Onboarding

Onboarding is the term used to describe the organizational structure that each company uses to bring new hires into the company fold. This term describes the manner with which companies will help new employees acquire the necessary skills, knowledge, and even behaviors needed to succeed as an effective team member. However, all too often the people responsible for onboarding new hires simply don’t have the time needed to effectively train these individuals. As a result, many new hires miss out on the big picture.

Are your new hires missing out?

One of the most important aspects of your onboarding process, should be your company’s ability to get new employees engaged. In other words, from day one, employees need to feel like they are an effective part of the company, and that by doing their job well they can help the company achieve new heights. When employees aren’t engaged, it is hard for them to a) get excited about their job, b) want to remain with the company for a long period of time, and c) perform their responsibilities to their best abilities.

Don’t let your employees miss out on the big picture. Follow these tips to help them feel welcomed and achieve great successes.

  • Communicate your company mission and vision clearly. Complex metaphors and analogous stories are great tactics to inspire seasoned employees; however, new hires will simply become confused by your subtle messaging. When defining company missions and visions, communicate in every day language.
  • Show new hires how the company works, how the different departments work together, and how it makes money.
  • Make your new hires feel like they are a part of the team.
  • Show new hires the big picture, i.e. how their role helps to form a bigger picture of company success. It is critical that every team member feels like their small part is contributing to the greater good.

Does your onboarding process embody human drive?

As you might have gathered from the above bulleted list, many employees strive to achieve success due to their innate feeling of drive. When a person knows that their job is meaningful and serves a specific purpose, they are driven towards success. When showing your new hires the company’s big picture, make sure that they become inspired. An inspired new hire will help to motivate your seasoned employees to keep doing a great job. Remember, new hires can breathe new life into a company. Treat them with respect and show them the big picture from day one, so that they can effectively reach both individual and larger company goals.
Teach your new employees about your big picture here.

Image source: BuzzFeed

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