3 Ways to Train Your Clients Better

When clients begin working with a new product, it is easy to become mired in the details.  Often the learning process is overcomplicated but with the right methods, you can make things crystal clear to your clients.  Soon they will use your product with ease and confidence. Between giving your clients the essential training tools to make their product more intuitive for them and specific to their needs, as well as making sure they can easily access educational videos or take classes on specific features, you vastly streamline the instructional process.

Try the following 3 simple ways to train your client better

Automate what you can

We find breaking your client training out into two buckets makes the most sense:

  • Things to automate
  • Things to hand-hold

Things to automate look like high-level, repeatable, 1+1 = 2 types of functions. By teaching your clients the easy-to-use features in a universal way, you don’t need to give a one-on-one lesson to teach every feature. Allow clients to watch educational videos or take lessons about features at their own pace and achieve the same level of basic knowledge transfer.
Then, add a human touch for implementation onboarding that is specific to each customer. Walk them through one-off features you think would be especially beneficial to their business using your product.

Refresh on demand

Let your clients learn at their own pace. They should be able to come back to watch educational videos or take lessons about different features and integrations whenever they need a refresher. Every time a client has a question, they should have the resources to find a solution by themselves. Teach your clients simple pathways back to a point of reference for times they get lost in a process.

Your new clients are going to be thrilled to use your product; you know it’s awesome, they are about to find out how awesome it truly is.  After they find out, they might lose some sleep using it.  While they are up late at night with questions, give them the ability to answer their own questions without waking you up too.

Sample client onboarding curriculum

With your welcome email, give your clients the opportunity to learn as soon as they join. They should not have to wait until business hours to learn about your product. Offer a complete online onboarding plan (like the one below) so they can begin learning your product before you have the chance to call.

  • Setting up your account
    • Whether the client has a single user or multiple, the setup process should be easy enough to teach in a single lesson.
  • Overview of the application
    • After the client has setup an account, provide an overview of the application. This lesson is useful for new users as the client continues to add new users to your product.
  • How to get started
    • A lesson on getting started allows the user to actually adapt your product to their use case. This lesson could be in another window while using the application as an initial walkthrough.
  • How to find solutions
    • Let’s face it; no application is absolutely flawless for everyone. Your client may get lost at times, and they will need directions on how to get back. Provide a map of how they can quickly find answers to frequently asked questions or even not-so-frequently asked questions.

Build a better client onboarding process here.

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