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Basic Performance Review Phrases Examples

I hope you didn’t click on this blog because you were thinking about Starbucks or Ugg boots, this blog is instead a great place to start if you have decided to conduct your performance evaluations with performance review phrases. Below, you will find performance review phrases examples and why to use them:


Communication is a top cause of disputes in relationships and business. If your team cannot communicate properly and openly, they are missing out on potential. Evaluating your team members on their communication could seem difficult, but it’s necessary and people can improve upon their communication skills.

If you have a team member that is struggling with their communication, consider asking them to try to communicate without using confrontational language or asking them to speak up more in meetings. Consider role-playing through a few different scenarios, so they understand what you are conveying.


You want to hire employees with initiative, but motivation can come and go at times. When times get tough, you need to be there to support your team. Also, your employees may find themselves doing other work-related tasks that may not be the most effective use of their time.

If you need to discuss inadequate performance in regards to initiative, consider asking your employee to provide a little more self-direction on certain tasks in different areas. Or, talk them through where you see their position going in the future, so they can start paving the way for themselves to excel in the future.


Teamwork is becoming more valuable in the workplace regardless of industry. A member that is not very helpful on a team can pull down a team drastically. You need to address team members not pulling their own weight immediately as to nip the issue in the bud.

To confront a team member that isn’t doing enough, try something like “I need you to respect your coworkers more.” If you notice that one member of the team is running all of the meetings and controlling every aspect, try something like “Try to sit back and let others share their opinions.”


A positive attitude can change the team atmosphere faster than your best salesperson can close a deal. When your employees can smile in the office, they might stick around for longer. A positive attitude in your office helps your net profit with increasing revenue as well as decreasing turnover expense.

If someone’s attitude just isn’t cutting it, try telling them that you’d like for them to cultivate a more positive attitude. If they are doing great, be sure to tell them that you appreciate their infectious, positive attitude.

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