Let’s Get Ready to Rumble: Why Sales Readiness Needs to Include Selling Skills Training

Are you ready to get your head in the sales game and set your sales reps up for top success? Well, then it’s time to get on board with all the glory that sales readiness has to offer! Sales readiness is a well-crafted mix of rep assessment, sales management training, and coaching. This powerful combination gives reps the skills and knowledge they need to have successful conversations with prospects so they can close more deals.

And while it’s important for sales readiness to cover and include product and process training, the best sales readiness programs include sales coaching and training that develop and hone crucial selling skills. Let’s break that down. 

Why Sales Skills Are the Holy Grail to Generating Revenue

Do you wonder why start-ups focus on building their sales team before anything else? That’s because they know if they don’t build a great sales team first, they won’t close deals and acquire customers. And, if they don’t close deals, they don’t earn any money. In order to avoid this predicament, sales teams need to focus on equipping reps with those ever-important selling skills. These include skills like: 

  1. Communication Skills: Communication skills are critical in any business or career. Reps need to learn how to effectively communicate with prospects, other sales reps, and other team members who support the sales team. 
  2. How to Ask Powerful Questions: When reps interact with prospects they need to be able to ask the right questions to correctly understand their needs and uncover their biggest problems so they can successfully recommend the right solution. 
  3. Negotiation Skills: Every job involves negotiating—with customers, vendors, suppliers, and even other employees. Sales reps need to learn to listen, evaluate variables, identify key drivers, overcome objections, and find ways to reach an agreement without burning bridges.
  4. Self-Discipline: Sales reps have to connect the dots between performance and reward.  This means that they need the self-discipline to control their schedule and responsibilities to ensure they’re working on the right tasks at the right time. 
  5. How to Close Deals: Great salespeople know how to close—so do great bosses. Reps need to know how to properly send contracts, when to pull in other teammates, and how to correctly follow-up with prospects to get the contract signed. 

Close the Skill Gap Faster with Sales Training Tools

Since reps need to receive training on the skills we just mentioned (plus a lot more) and on your company’s products and services, it’s important to build an all encompassing sales readiness program that’s organized, trackable, and scalable. This is where online training and sales readiness tools are extremely useful.

Sales training tools provide a strong foundation for sales reps to successfully learn, practice, and develop the skills they need to be successful in their roles. First, online sales training tools help sales leaders accelerate the time-to-competency for new sales reps with on-the-job onboarding. It also gives sales leaders and trainers a way to assess the skill levels of more seasoned reps to ensure their skill levels are where they need to be. By assessing skill levels, trainers and managers can deliver targeted online training that address the skill gaps of individual reps. Reps can access training lessons on-demand, practice skills with engaging scenarios, and receive ongoing coaching and feedback from their managers. Overall, sales training software makes it possible for sales teams of all sizes to simplify and scale personalized training so that reps feel confident in the skills they need to talk to prospects throughout the entire sales journey. 

Ready, Set, Sell with Lessonly’s Sales Training Software

There are so many advances in technology, which means there’s zero reason not to use software to improve everything from sales content to training. Lessonly’s sales readiness software helps teams onboard new reps 62% faster and increase sales by 75% Jump on in for a lesson and get started.

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