How to Get Feedback on Your Training Plan Template

Now you’ve set up your training plan template and you’ve instituted it for your team. What you are concerned about is if it’s working or not. If you are going to use a standardized plan on every class of employees coming into your company, consider getting feedback to make sure it’s the best.


The most straightforward way to start to get feedback on your training plan is to ask your employees. By getting the news straight from the source, you can ensure that what information you are using to change your training plan is helpful. Don’t just assume your employees aren’t spending enough time on a certain topic.

After they are aboard, you could hold a meeting to see what people are struggling with or what they wish they would have seen more of in training.


You have your feedback, the best thing to do is to gather with other training leads or experienced employees and talk about what the new employees thought about the training program. Your training will need to adapt as your systems, policies, and procedures change. When considering changing your training program, you need to consider who you are hiring.

Every training program won’t be the same for every person on every team. So, consider breaking up some lessons for individual teams where the managers can update them every so often.


You may even need to consider adjusting the schedule of your employee training manual template after you see it in action a few times. Your employees could be running through icebreakers faster than an auctioneer on a vegetable oil slip-n-slide in the middle of June.

Adjusting the schedule should be easy. Sometimes you have to take time, to make time. As in, if you slow down your onboarding, your employees will have fewer questions when they hit the floor.

Ask again

After you have revamped your training plan, ask the newest employees how it is going. You may get conflicting feedback from your new employees and it will forever be an endless cycle of switching day 2 and day 3 until you find something that’s perfect.

If changing your lessons regularly seems like it would be a hassle, we know an easy system where you can update your lessons with ease. Check it out here.

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